Good Stuff

Good Stuff Challenge

6 Week Challenge Runs 11/22/20 through 1/2/21 

Registration Deadline is Saturday 11/14

Making progress with your fitness doesn’t have to be restrictive. Too often we focus on all the things we “shouldn’t” be doing, and frankly that’s not very inspiring – especially these days! When you shift your attention to focus on the Good Stuff, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Our Good Stuff Challenge begins just before Thanksgiving and ends just after New Years. We created this new Challenge not just to help you stay connected to your health and fitness goals over the holidays – a time when things can feel a little out of control under normal circumstances – but also to help you end this crazy rollercoaster of a year knowing you did something good to take care of YOU!

When you join the Good Stuff Challenge here is what you get:

  • Training, Nutrition and Mindset Support. This will all be from the standpoint of focusing on the getting the Good Stuff in, rather than anything you are supposed to avoid or cut out. Yes, it is possible to make progress this way!
  • Track your progress online on our new App. You’ll have a program to log into everyday where you can make notes, upload photos, review video reminders and check in with your coaches!
  • Collect points to unlock prizes. The more Good Stuff you do, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the more cool stuff you get – from products to special classes just for Challenge participants!


Both our in-person and remote members can join this Challenge for just $49. Members can sign up or get more info on the challenge next time you come in for training, or send us an email.

If you are not yet a Breakthrough member, you can join for for $279, and enjoy all the benefits our members receive! We have both in-person, and remote options available.  Contact us to register or learn more! The deadline to register is Saturday 11/14, and spots are limited!