Open House Week!

Open House Week!
September 18 – 23!!

We are celebrating fall with an Open House Week, and we couldn’t be more excited to share Breakthrough with as many people as we can! Whether you have trained with us in the past, or haven’t yet checked us out, we would love for you to be our guest at any of our Team Training sessions during the week of September 18th – 23rd.Here are the top three reasons YOU need to be there:

1. You will get a chance to check out cutting edge training protocols that very few people in the fitness industry even know about! The Breakthrough team recently attended Strong Endurance, a first of its kind seminar taught by Pavel Tsatsouline. This seminar detailed years of research into the potentially damaging affects of some of the common ways the fitness industry has been approaching cardio, interval and endurance training, and presented an alternative that has been shown to yield amazing results, while maximizing health and minimizing damage to the cells.

2. Our prices will be increasing as of October 1, 2017. We always guarantee that any rate increases will not affect existing members, and as long as you remain current in your membership. Come to our Open House training sessions, and you can try us out risk free. If you decide to become a member before the end of September, you will lock in our best price AND we will credit you an additional $25 Breakthrough Bucks!

3. It’s gonna be FUN!! We pride ourselves on a welcoming environment where you will not only have a great workout, but you will also have a great time! We take our training seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously 🙂 We are even planning an 80’s themed workout for our Friday 6pm Endurance class on 9/22. So put your leg warmers on and don’t miss it! (Don’t worry, while the attire and music will be 1980’s, the training science will be, like, totally 2017!)

Contact us to RSVP or get more info.

Team Training Sessions
Here are the Team Training sessions you can attend during our Open House Week:

Strength – Our signature Strength classes will take you through a total body training session. This is more than just a workout! We will teach you the “skill of strength”, and techniques to get the most out of your strength work using kettlebells, body weight, TRX Suspension training, and the brand new ProBar (a new fitness tool you can only find at Breakthrough). Build strength, burn fat and set new personal records in our Strength classes! Offered Monday and Tuesday at 6pm.

Endurance – Cardio training, upgraded! These classes are focused developing speed, power, and cardiovascular conditioning, as well as the ability to sustain these qualities and recovery quickly so you feel great the next day! Offered Wednesday at 5pm and 6pm, Friday at 6pm (special 80’s class!) and Saturday at 10:30am.

Breakthrough Boxing – Experience Coach Caleb’s blended martial arts classes where you will not only have a great workout, but you will also learn real, practical self-defense techniques. Offered Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 9:30am.

Yoga Recharge – A great way to end your training week, join Coach Kati for a blended yoga class with lots of long stretching, breathing and meditation. Offered Saturday at 8:30am.

Space is limited to ensure everyone has a great training session – Contact us to reserve your spot today!