Our Training Philosophy


We believe training should:

  • Be centered on your goals – If you tell us where you want to go and what you want to achieve, we want to help you get there as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Improve your quality of movement – We use the Functional Movement Screen to guide us in programming exercises that will have you moving and feeling your best.

  • Be built on a foundation of strength – We believe strength training is the key component to any fitness program. We believe strength is a skill that can be taught and practiced by anyone willing to put in the effort. Even if weight loss is your goal, strength training is a scientific must. Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fatty tissue, so increasing lean muscle within the body means you will be burning more calories and fat. And as you develop your strength and discover the awesome things you can do, you will feel pretty awesome too!

  • Be programmed and periodized – If you want to achieve a result, you need a plan to get you there. This plan is the training program we will create for you. In order for the program to work, it needs to be “periodized”. This means that we will focus on a particular program for a certain period of time, and then make modifications to the program after a certain period. Switching programs too often will not allow you enough time to build your strength or endurance and develop your skills. Staying with the same program too long will cause you to plateau in your training. Periodization is essential to a good training program.

  • Be balanced – For optimal results, a training program should include soft tissue work, exercises to increase mobility and range of motion, stability and core work, strength training, power development, energy system development and cardio, and of course recovery work. Balance also includes working at the appropriate intensity and with the appropriate volume relative to your goals.

  • Be Enjoyable! – We know training can be hard work sometimes, but it can also be really fun when you are working with coaches who love what they do, and you are training in a friendly environment. We have been known to convert even people who never thought of themselves as “gym people” into training enthusiasts!