Our Services

Strategy Session

In order to offer the best possible training experience for you, we want to get to know you personally. We meet each new member one on one so that we can learn what your goals are, what you are looking for in a training experience, and how we can best meet your needs to deliver the results you want. During your strategy session we will also perform a Functional Movement Screen. This Screen is the best assessment tool there is, and will give us all the information we need about where to begin, and what to include in your training program. Upon completion of your strategy session, one of our professionally trained coaches will give you recommendations for exactly how to get started and what to do next!

Semi-Private Coaching

Semi-private coaching is available exclusively to our Premium Upgrade Members, and is the best way to get the results you are looking for. You will get your own individual program based on your needs and goals, and your coach will tailor the program for you as you progress. Semi-private sessions are limited to no more than 4 members per coach at a time, to ensure each member gets plenty of personal attention. Powerlifting and barbell work is done only in semi-private sessions for optimal safety and attention to detail.

Group Coaching Classes

Group Coaching Classes are available to both our Training Essentials Members and our Premium Upgrade Members, provided that you have no injury or movement restrictions. These classes are lead by one of our experienced coaches who will teach you skills and techniques to keep your training fun and effective. Group coaching classes will follow a specific program for a period of 4 to 8 weeks before switching focus so that you can track your progress and watch your strength and endurance grow!

Our group coaching classes are:

Complete Strength

These sessions are designed to provide a full body strength workout. These workouts will utilize resistance training with weights, as well as working with your own body weight. You will build lean muscle and develop the strength to accomplish some amazing things!


These sessions are our high energy “cardio” workouts, but without all the boring cardio equipment you see at traditional gyms. We use a combination of kettlebells, TRX, ropes, bodyweight exercises and many other fun and unique tools in these workouts. You will burn calories, get your metabolism charged up and get the cardiovascular benefits you need for optimal health.

Yoga Recharge

These sessions are a great way to “recharge” your body, mind and spirit. We combine basic hatha yoga poses and Yoga Tune Up® poses with joint mobility, stretching and corrective exercises to help you increase your range of motion, improve mobility and stability, increase flexibility, develop balance, and improve postural alignment. We also incorporate breathing techniques to help reset your nervous system, and relaxation tools to boost your recovery.

Breakthrough Boxing

These sessions are based on a blend of martial arts styles, centered around the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Expect to learn the high energy punches, kicks, footwork and trapping of Chinatown, Los Angeles era JKD (http://chinatownjkd.org), and a set of useful grappling and weapon skills integrated from the highly evolved martial arts of southeast Asia and Korea