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March 14, 2024
Breakthrough is the best place in the valley to go for individual fitness needs tailored to your own body type and attention needs. The information is readily there whenever it is needed, but not overwhelming, and never in your face. Every Body type, and every age group seems to train here because the ego is not welcomed. Come train here, if you’d rather compare yourself to who you were, and to who you are becoming rather than someone else’s ideal.
February 9, 2024
I found Breakthrough when I wanted to get back to working out in a gym setting when COVID was settling down. Am I ever glad that I did! They offer personal strength training developed just for you in a semiprivate space with access to endurance, yoga, and boxing classes. The coaches are excellent, knowledgeable, and know how to challenge you in a fun and supportive way. Kati, RT, and the rest of the coaches listen to what you tell them about how you feel and make adjustments when they are needed. I have met many wonderful people of all different ages and look forward to the time I spend working out. Breakthrough Strength has kept me strong and flexible and my two years with them has kept me 75 years young!
February 6, 2024
Before Breakthrough I didn't feel strong. I didn't look strong. I was still recovering from a badly twisted ankle and not feeling excited that my 39th birthday was around the corner. Just that all around feeling of blaahhhh and I refused to go into my 40s still feeling like this, if not worse. My friend had been training with her coaches for a few years by then and would talk about how strong she felt and shared some of the things they did and the PRs she accomplished. I wanted in so in August 2015 I became a member of Breakthrough. Coach Caleb and Coach Kati (husband and wife power team and owners) gave me a mobility assessment and wrote my first personal program geared toward my goal at the time. Once that program was finished I received my new program and then another program. Kettlebell programs, barbell programs and stretchy strong programs. Each new program reflecting my progression in strength and confidence. Before I knew it I was hitting PRs. My fellow trainees were also hitting PRs. We were doing it together! Fast forward to 2024 (9 years already?!?!) and we're STILL getting stronger together. Setting goals together. Celebrating together. I can't tell you how much this gym has changed me both mentally and physically. You'll just have to give them a try. Hope to see you there!
January 6, 2024
Best Gym ever-would be an understatement! You get personalized programs, fantastic workouts, and a wonderful group of fun/positive people. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and in my opinion, are better than most physical therapists. My body has been through a lot of trauma, and they've helped me get back to 100%. Love Breakthrough and highly recommend for anyone who wants personal training at a fraction of the cost.
November 13, 2023
If you are looking for a transformative fitness journey, check out Breakthrough Strength and Fitness. Here, you will be led by expert coaches fully committed to you and your goals. Whether you're starting from scratch or enhancing your fitness level, give Breakthrough a chance. This is not just a gym, it's a small community with a big heart and profound expertise. And if you are “not a gym person,” like me, Breakthrough may just be a place for you. I found my fitness home here.
November 13, 2023
Approximately four years ago, I made one of the best decisions in my life, and that was to become a member of the Breakthrough strength and fitness. The gradual improvements that I’ve been able to make in my strength, agility, flexibility, overall fitness and general health have been tremendous. I have been able to reach some of my personal best, and have surprised myself at how far I have come in my workouts. The coaches are superb. Always there helping guide you to safely navigate your specialized workouts. They are highly trained to assist you in managing physical challenges while gradually increasing your strength and overall fitness. Your program is customized for you and focuses on developing your areas of strength, opportunity, restrictions and limitations, helping you overcome challenges while, safely increasing your capability and physical health. Most notable is the camaraderie that develops over time between the gym members! It immeasurable. This is not just a gym, but a true fitness community! And a community that is full of people from different age groups, different restrictions, and different challenges, but yet all focused on bettering themselves and their health. A community that cheers each other on and celebrate each others wins! A community I’m proud to be a member of! .
October 31, 2023
Are you tired of, or not into, going to a large gym full of people you do not know, equipment that you either do not use or not sure how to use properly with little to no assistance from a professional? Let me introduce you to Breakthrough Strength & Fitness. The coaches here are experienced, knowledgeable, very caring, and fun. They are available to you whether you are taking any of the number of classes they offer or participate in semi-private training. No matter what your age or physical condition, they will work with you at your level and help you increase your mobility and fitness. In addition, this is a FUN, supportive place to be! I really look forward to my sessions and my training partners, who are, or have become friends. I have been training here since 2015 when they opened at this location. I am a fit, healthy 71 year old. I train at least two days a week, play golf every week and play in tournaments throughout the year. My golf game has greatly improved (longest drive and closest to the pin in the last tournament) since I started training here. So, check out Breakthrough Strength & Fitness. Give them a try. What have you got to lose?
October 24, 2023
I love this gym. I love the programs written especially for me and I love the coaches. I love my fellow trainees. I look forward to going and it starts my day great. I like group classes too because they compliment personal training well and enrich my movement goals. I’ve been a member since they opened and actually trained with Kati before they opened their gym, so since 2012. It’s kept me strong through all these years of personal ups and downs. I am stronger because of training at Breakthrough.
September 19, 2023
My wife began training at Breakthrough Strength and Fitness several months before I joined, and she regularly raved about her enjoyment of their program and the fantastic couple who runs it, Katie and Caleb, along with other members of their extended family. Truly, I'd never before seen my wife so enthusiastic about gym workouts——it was always a chore, but now she was having fun. Not only that, it was clear to me that the way she was being trained was having a dramatic and rapid impact on her health and fitness. While she certainly encouraged me to "check out her gym," she didn't need to pester me. It was obvious from her results and what she shared about Breakthrough's methodology that it was a good option for me, too. I just had to get off my behind and go. I'm glad I did. Katie and Caleb take a personalized approach to each of their clients. They asked us plenty of questions about our needs and goals, and they paid close attention to the mechanics of our bodies. For example, I have a problem with really tight hamstrings and a tendency to get back spasms. As a result, Caleb and Katie designed my workouts to avoid a spasm in the short-term, and reduce or eliminate them over the long-term. My wife had back surgery several years ago. In that light, Breakthrough Strength and Fitness designed workouts for her that are safe but that also allow her to build strength--especially in her core in order to provide more support for her back. One of the best things about Breakthrough Strength and Fitness is that it is friendly and the staff meet their clients where they are, whether one has plenty of experience working out in gyms or whether one has never exercised in a formal way before. From day one, Caleb, Katie and family made us feel like we are part of a team, and our goal is to reach an optimal state of fitness and health while having fun doing it.
August 22, 2023
This is the first gym I have gone to where I feel comfortable and supported. The class sizes are small with incredible staff that keep you on track and challenge you to progress. Thank you Caleb, Kati, RT, and Chana for your knowledge, optimism, and energy, which are helping me to become stronger and healthier!

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