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With our unique combination of expertise in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, yoga, and nutrition, you won’t find another team quite like ours anywhere else. Whether you want to build strength, lose fat, challenge yourself in a strength competition, supplement your sport, or improve how you move and feel, the Breakthrough Team can help you get there!

The Team

Owners Caleb and Kati Terray

Caleb and Kati Terray


Not a gym person? We get that! And neither were we until we opened Breakthrough. We met in college at the California Institute of the Arts studying music and theatre. We would never have suspected then that we would end up diving deep into fitness. Curiosity led us to try a kettlebell seminar in 2008, and we’ve been learning as much as we can about strength training, human movement, the science of programming, and other fitness related topics ever since. We took our first Kettlebell Instructor Certification in 2009, initially just for our own sense of accomplishment. We started sharing our training with some family members and friends, and before we knew it some of their friends and family also wanted to give it a try. We were too excited not to keep learning and sharing, so as our group got bigger, we converted our home garage into a training studio. We kept seeing how much more our clients got out of the whole experience when they were sharing it with like minded people. We kept experiencing that as people felt stronger and more capable physically, they also started to feel more confident and fulfilled in other aspects of their lives. We kept hearing from people that they had never really considered themselves “gym people”, or that the traditional gym environment didn’t meet their needs in some way. So, in 2015 we made the leap from our garage to open Breakthrough. We knew there must be lots of people who felt the way we felt, and our clients felt, so we wanted to create an even larger community where people who may not have considered themselves “gym people” felt welcome. If you’ve ever felt like the traditional gym setting isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a “gym person”… You just may not have found your gym yet!

Coach Caleb Terray

Caleb Terray


Caleb is a certified kettlebell (SFG Level II), barbell (SFL) and bodyweight (SFB) Instructor through StrongFirst, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and a certified TRX instructor. He has been a dedicated fitness coach since 2009. Caleb has devoted over 20 years of his life to the study and practice of various martial arts for self defense purposes, and is an apprentice instructor in Chinatown Jeet Kune Do. He is Breakthrough’s Lead Program Designer and enjoys creating custom plans for a wide variety of goals.

Coach Kati Terray

Kati Terray


Kati has been coaching clients to reach their fitness goals since 2009. She is a certified kettlebell (SFG Level II) and barbell (SFL) instructor through StrongFirst, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and a certified TRX instructor. In addition, Kati uses her skills as a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach to help the Breakthrough members take the guesswork out of proper nutrition. As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and a Level I teacher of iRest Yoga Nidra, and Sound Healer, she incorporates strategies to recover and recharge not only in body, but also in mind and spirit.

Coach R.T. Girch

R.T. Girch


R.T. has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Cal State University Northridge, and has been coaching clients with diverse backgrounds and goals since 2009. He is a certified kettlebell (SFG) and barbell (SFL) instructor through StrongFirst, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) and a TRX instructor. R.T. spent most of his youth involved in athletics, primarily baseball. As a fitness coach, R.T. loves to help people discover their own inner athlete, so that they move and feel better not just at the gym, but in their daily activities as well.

Coach Chana Gluck

Chana Gluck


Chana is a certified kettlebell instructor (SFG) through StrongFirst, and a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. She completed the Breakthrough Internship in 2021 after having been a Breakthrough member for many years, and was an immediate fit for the coaching team. Chana is extremely caring and attentive, has great eye for technique, and loves to see our members training at their full potential!

Coach Joyce Prescott

Joyce Prescott

Office Assistant

Joyce has been a Breakthrough member since the very beginning! After she retired from her career as a teacher, she was happy to add her eye for detail and organization skills to the Breakthrough Team. She is always inspired by the growth and accomplishments of our members, and the community that develops as people join the Breakthrough Family!

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