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Breakthrough Spotlight – Kim Dunlap!

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Our Breakthrough Spotlight for July is Kim Dunlap! We wanted to feature Kim because her positivity and sunny spirit set the gym aglow every time she comes in. She has accomplished so much with her health and fitness, and isn’t one to let little setbacks get her down.

Breakthrough: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today Kim! Every time you come in for training, your attitude is just so positive and your outlook is so awesome, I wanted to have you share your secret with everyone! First tell us about your journey… You joined Breakthrough in January, 7 months ago. What made you want to start training with us?

Kim: I saw Francine getting results, and Mark really improved from a stiff body to somebody who could move. I knew I wanted to join. I love it here! You guys are perfect.

Breakthrough: Oh my gosh! You’re perfect! So what were you doing prior to joining Breakthrough that you felt like you needed a change?

Kim: I used to spin, like 4-5 times a week and I hit a plateau where I wasn’t losing any more weight, and I had to ride harder. I just needed to do something more.

Breakthrough: And now obviously you’ve gone way past any plateaus you had. You were a huge success in our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge. In fact you were one of our challenge winners because people voted and thought you had one of the best transformations!


Kim: Well my eating, as you know, was really gross! Now, I realized it was a lifetime change and now I eat so much better. I just keep slimming right down, and oh my gosh it’s just amazing!

Breakthrough: So then a couple of months ago you had an accident at home. We won’t go into the details, but you had to take about a month off from training.

Kim: Yes an accident happened on Friday the 13th of May, and I got a really bad wound in my leg. And if I hadn’t been working out here I don’t know how I would have been able to get around!

Breakthrough: Right, you have said that was a big part of your recovery, the fact that you were strong going into it.

Kim: I definitely think working out helped me heal faster. I mean I really think that if I wasn’t working out I wouldn’t have healed the same. And working out really makes me feel good!

Breakthrough: Of course! And I know you were chomping at the bit to be able to come back in and train. As soon as your doctor said you were cleared you were back the next day!

Kim: Oh yeah, I kept asking my doctor when I could workout and he kept saying not yet, not yet. Then I went back and asked if I could workout upper body and he said yes! And you guys are great. You modified some of the stuff so that I could do it. And then last time I went in I asked if I was ready to workout total body he said yes so I’m almost back 100%!

Breakthrough: So of course being physically strong helps in terms of recovery, but you just have this positive attitude, and you’re this bright sunshine-y light coming into the gym and that’s also a huge part of the healing process. Now, I said I wanted to hear your secret… Can you let us in on it?

Kim: Do you guys really want to know what I do? It’s going to sound so corny, but I’ve been doing it for years. You wake up in the morning and you just tell yourself you’re happy, whether you’re happy or not. And pretty soon you are! And when you’re happy that means everyone around you is happy, and it’s infectious!

Breakthrough: That’s fantastic!

Kim: So that’s my thing!

Breakthrough: Well we love that thing, because when you come into the gym, everyone is happy!

Kim: I’ve been doing it, oh my gosh, since the 70s. So I don’t even know that I do it, it just happens.

Breakthrough: That’s awesome, it’s part of your life now!

Kim: It’s like my new eating plan and my workouts, it’s a part of my life.

Breakthrough: And it seems that since your injury and you’ve come back, you’re even more positive and happy than you were before! You have a new lease on life!

Kim: Oh yeah, I said that I’m going to be even more happy, try to be more nice to everyone, try to smile at everyone, even if I’m not happy with someone I’m going to bite my tongue. That’s my new goal!

Breakthrough: I love it! It’s an awesome goal, and it shows because your recovery has been so fast! I thought we would have to be waiting a while before we could start doing lower body stuff but you’ve already got the go ahead from your doctor to go back to regular training, just being cautious, so that’s exciting!

Kim: Well I seriously think that working out helps you heal, and those protein drinks! Oh my gosh!

Breakthrough: Yeah you’re getting the proper fuel.

Kim: Yeah I’m eating right, and I’m getting great exercise and everyone here is amazing. Everyone here is like one big happy family.

Breakthrough: That’s for sure and that makes us happy. That’s the vibe we want around here! And we love having people like you who don’t give up when they have a set back, and only focus on the things the “can’t” do instead of realizing there is so much they can do.

Kim: Oh yeah, I never say can’t. It’s not in my vocabulary!

Breakthrough: I agree with you, there’s no need for it!

Kim: If you just keep trying you’ll be able to do it. It’s like with some of the exercises here, you have a hard time in the beginning but at the end of the program you’re like “oh I can do that!”

Breakthrough: Yeah in just a few short weeks! I’ve seen you accomplish big things and I’ve never ever heard you say you can’t. That must be another one of your secrets to success!

Kim: Yep, let’s be happy and not use the word can’t. Its pretty simple!

Breakthrough: Simple rules to live by! Thanks for sharing Kim and for bringing all that positive energy to Breakthrough! We love it!

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