Adventures in Gym Flooring

Finding just the right flooring for your new gym location can be quite a process.

What thickness do you need?

Rolls or rectangle pieces?

How much square footage do you actually have to cover?

Well, after much deliberation and research, considering heavy deadlifts, massive kettlebells, and lots of barefoot traffic, the appropriate super thick (3/4 of an inch) recycled rubber matt was chosen. Then we ordered about 6000lbs of the stuff! It was a tough day for the delivery guy, when the mats arrived and he realized that his pallet jack wasn’t going to be much help.

Fortunately, there were two very enthusiastic strength professionals (us!) on hand to begin throwing the mats (91lbs each!) from the truck to the sidewalk. Then he rolled away, leaving just Kati and I to shift 6000lbs of rubber from the sidewalk into the gym.

Now that’s some grip work!

After a couple more hours filled with lots of sweating and loaded carries and voila; the flooring was ready to be cut and laid down. With the tireless assistance of Danny Prescott, R.T. Girch (fellow SFG), and his beautiful wife Theresa, we got to measuring and cutting. Pretty soon, things were looking ready for some serious strength training in the new space!

Breakthrough Gym Flooring being installed
Mats are down!

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