Breakthrough Celebrates 2 Years!

We started our journey as fitness professionals in 2008, because we were dissatisfied. We were dissatisfied with our own fitness levels – we felt too tired for our age, weaker than we wanted to be, and not as capable as we knew we could be. As we started on our journey to better health, we also became dissatisfied with the majority of the fitness options we encountered. We found three main types of training environments:

  1. “Big box” gyms that felt either very intimidating or very impersonal… where no one would necessarily care if you even showed up, much less reached your goals or had fun in your training.

  2. Injury factories where the culture favored getting as many reps done as quickly as you can, no matter if your technique degrades to a dangerous level or you throw up in the corner.

  3. Bootcamp style training where one size is supposed to fit all, but never really does.


We kept digging, and were able to hire private coaches and find mentors, not only to help us reach our fitness goals, but to guide us in our development as coaches. We felt called to help other people change their lives with better health and fitness, and to create a training environment that would be different from the other options we found. We envisioned a place where:

  1. People of all ages, and fitness levels can feel welcome. A place that feels more like a community than just a gym, where coaches truly care and fellow members are excited to cheer each other on.

  2. The skills to build strength and technique to keep people safe are all integrated into training instead of just repeating mindless workouts.

  3. Custom programming is designed for individualized goals, injury history and training background, and delivered in a fun group environment.


For the month of March, we’d love for anyone who is new to Breakthrough to come try us out with three free group classes! Contact us to get started today!

We’ve spent almost a decade of continued learning and training so that we can always bring the best information to our members. We feel so blessed that it’s now been two years since we opened our doors at Breakthrough in March 2015! We started by training clients in our backyard, or at their homes, and we know we would not be where we are now without all of those people who believed in us and our mission! We want to express our most sincere gratitude to all of these members who supported us and joined Breakthrough before we had even had our Grand Opening! You are our “Pillars of Strength:”

Amy Cooper, Paula Krispow, Vicki Edwards, Kendall Childs, Bruce and Paula Roe, Adam Roe and Lexi Vay, Annie Roe, Janel Barlongo and Shannon Wasley, Edgar Joaquin, Susan Clifford, Margaret Sanborn and Nick Cochiolo, Danny Prescott and Angie Pelayo-Prescott, Stephanie Kren, Matt Villalobos, Anthony Kleeman, Debbie Wittwer, Karen Petersen, Jackson Boyles, Bo Dubbert, Judy Davidson, John Gallardo, Tom Satriano, Bill and Joyce Prescott

Strength, love and gratitude – Caleb and Kati Terray

Celebrate two strong years with us, and join us for three free classes in March! Contact us to get started today!

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