Breakthrough Spotlight – Audrey Navarrete

Breakthrough Spotlight: Audrey Navarrete

Our spotlight member for March is Audrey Navarrete! Audrey brings a joyful and positive energy to every training session, and we are so happy that she has experienced how awesome it is to discover you are stronger than you think!


Breakthrough: I’m so excited to chat with you today, Audrey!  Now, it’s been almost a year since you joined us here at Breakthrough, and I was remembering that today because we are about to wrap up this year’s Drop Two Sizes Challenge, and it was as we were setting up for last year’s D2S finale party that you first walked through our door…

Audrey: Yes! That’s right!

Breakthrough: So then let’s start by talking about how you were feeling and what you were doing in terms of fitness training before you started with us.

Audrey:  Well, prior to joining my fitness program was not a whole lot… I’ve done various things throughout the years, taking classes here and there at gyms, doing DVDs at home…  I was never big on gym memberships because I found them to be a bit intimidating.  I’d see beautiful gyms with fancy equipment, but I didn’t know what to do with any of it.  And I never wanted to do something wrong and end up injuring myself. So I’ve never been a fan of gyms really.

Breakthrough: Yeah, that makes sense.

Audrey:  But when I walked in here that day, and had a quick conversation with you, I realized this isn’t your typical 24 hour fitness gym.  And what I was really looking for was something that would give me a little personal touch.  Before joining here I had been toying with the idea of getting a trainer, but kept talking myself in and out of it.  So, when I came across Breakthrough, it was like it was just there waiting for me!

Breakthrough:  We’ve have been waiting for you, Audrey!

Audrey:  And it’s funny because you’ve been right under my nose! I have been coming to the salon next door getting my nails done every few weeks for a long time…

Breakthrough:  Well the timing has to be right.  You were thinking about getting a trainer and starting a fitness program, so it was on your mind… So at that point, what clicked for you? What made you feel like that was the time for you to get started?


Audrey:  I am just a couple of years shy of having my next milestone birthday.  And the thought of turning that age just scares me because I don’t want to look or feel my age.  When I see people of that age bracket, I immediately think of myself, and I think- OK, what am I going to be like when I am that age? And the thought of being restricted because my body can’t keep up with my mind really scares me. So I got to the point where needed to do something. I want to be healthy because I want to live through my retirement years. My husband and I have been having more and more conversations about retiring, and putting those plans in motion. And both he and I are at the point where we need to make sure we will enjoy those years, so we need to straighten up and make some changes!

Breakthrough: Well you’ve definitely done that!  I see such strength in you, and so many positive changes. How are you feeling now?

Audrey:  I feel great! I really do! I’m not quite where I want to be, but I know that it takes work. And I also know that as I do get older it takes more work, because when I was in my 20s and 30s, it was nothing to drop a few pounds here and there.  But now it’s a little harder.

Breakthrough: Sure, of course.

Audrey:  I’ve also learned through you and the other coaches here, that exercise alone isn’t the fully story. There’s the nutritional factor too.  And that was something I’ve never really had to deal with either. But now I understand how the two have to go hand in hand.

Breakthrough: Yes, one without the other is missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Audrey:  And it really wasn’t until I started tuning in on the nutritional side of it that I really started noticing differences.

Breakthrough:  Yeah, people will notice they are getting stronger and are able to do things they couldn’t do before, but certainly in terms of shedding pounds, the nutrition has to be there. So, can you tell us if there is anything that has surprised you about your training this past year? Or anything that you are excited that you’ve accomplished?


Audrey:  The most surprising thing is how strong I am! I’ve never considered myself to be a strong person.  And it wasn’t until I got here and started working with the coaches that I realized – wow! I’m stronger than I thought I was!

Breakthrough:  Yes!  It makes you feel pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Audrey:  Yeah! And especially when I think that I’m really just at the beginning!  And if I feel this way now, oh my gosh, the sky’s the limit!  It’s just up to me how far I want to take that.

Breakthrough:  I love that!  And it’s so true.  I know for me, one of the reasons I got into this field and wanted to share strength training with others is because seeing my physical strength grow gives me the confidence to know that I am capable of doing other things in life that maybe I didn’t think I could do.  Seeing my training carry over into other aspects of my life.

Audrey: Yes, exactly!

Breakthrough:  So we already touched on your motivation for staying fit and healthy… Is there anything else you’d like to share about your “why”?

Audrey:  It goes back to my goal to feel good and be healthy.  I want people to be surprised when they find out when my age is… like- “wow, really?! You look great!” Haha!

Breakthrough:  Well you definitely do, but I won’t tell!  Your secret is safe with me.

Audrey:  Thank you!

Breakthrough:  Anything else you want to share before we wrap up?

Audrey:  This past year has been such a pleasant experience.  It really has.  I absolutely love it here!  The support that I get, not just from you coaches, but from everybody else… it’s like a family!  That was surprising and unexpected. I tend to be a cheerleader myself…

Breakthrough:  I was just going to say that!  I was going to say how much you bring to our Breakthrough family and how you are so sunny and just brighten the room even more when you come in…

Audrey:  Thank you!  Well it’s easy for me to be that way because that’s just the way I am, but when I get that from others, it’s just feels so great!

Breakthrough:  We are so happy about that.  We feel so lucky that our members are a group of such supportive people. And you are a huge part of that, so thank you for sharing part of your story with us!  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

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