Breakthrough Spotlight – Don & Ginny

Breakthrough Spotlight – Don & Ginny

Our Breakthrough Spotlight members for November are Don and Ginny Kreuzberger! They are living proof that with a positive attitude you can do just about anything, and we are excited to share their story!


Breakthrough: I’m here with Don and Ginny, who are our Breakthrough Spotlight members for November.  And I’d like to start with your “why”.  Can you tell us what drives you and motivates you to come in and train?

Ginny: I want to keep my mind clear and my body strong – and it’s never been stronger!  And I want to be strong for this one (Don) and help keep him strong.  With his medical diagnosis, it’s the consistent exercise that is the only thing that really helps him.

Don: The reason I’m here is because I have a very significant and serious illness that has taken away my balance and my ability to do a lot of things.  It will eventually lead to probably destroying my mind, and leaving me in a state of dementia which I’m trying to hold off as long as I can.  According to my doctors, exercise is the thing that will help me the most.  I come here so that I can have the help and guidance to know what exercises to do and how to do them correctly.  But most important is having guidance by someone who has a personal interest in your well being.  And I know that coming here and having that is a big reason why my illness has not progressed further.

Breakthrough: Yes, I know you guys have mentioned that your doctors have been really happy that you’ve been so consistent with your exercise.

Ginny:  Yes, they say keep it up, and keep going.  And of course coming together, we are responsible for each other.  If we were coming alone, we might skip training a lot more.

Breakthrough:  For sure!  It really helps to keep each other motivated.

Ginny:  Yes.  And I’ve had seven children, and each time I was able to get back in shape, just being active and I’d swim 5 miles a day.  But then we moved to Buffalo, New York, and there was no ocean to swim in, so I joined a gym there.  I did the machines, but exercising that way didn’t do anything near what the training here has done.  The way we do things here is like you are your own machine!  And I’ve never experienced anything that works like this – and I tell everybody about it!


Breakthrough:  Well we appreciate that!

Ginny:  It just really helps to have someone with the detailed eye that you guys have to look at technique as well.  Sometimes you guys give me one small adjustment – like straighten your back or lower your hips – and it makes all the difference.  And I’m so much stronger because of it.

Breakthrough: It is hard to see some technique things on your own sometimes, so having a coach definitely helps with that.  So, one of the reasons I was excited to have you guys as our Spotlight members is because, you guys always come in here with such a great attitude, and that makes a huge difference in the kind of results you are going to get.  Even on days when maybe you aren’t feeling your best, or you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, you guys always come in with the intention to do your best, and with a positive outlook.

Ginny:  Well, it matches your attitude, because you guys have that attitude all the time!

Breakthrough:  Awe, well, it’s easy to do when you are surrounded by other people who have that attitude too!  But truly, the dedication you guys have is really inspiring.

Don:  Yes. You have to want to come.  Often when we leave the gym, we often say to each other how happy we are that we came even if we were tired or something, because we always feel so much better.  We know that we can just come in and approach our program to do what is set out for us as best as we can do it.  And that really counts a lot.

Breakthrough:  It counts for everything!  We really appreciate you guys and everything that you guys bring to our gym family.

Ginny: We thank you for what you’ve brought to us.

Breakthrough:  Well, it’s a team around here and we all build each other up!

Ginny:  That it is!  That’s very definite.  Everybody cheers each other on, and it’s so much different than going to a gym where you don’t know anyone.

Don:  This place is great!

Breakthrough:  Yay! Thank you guys SO much!  We just love you!

Ginny: We love you too!

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