Breakthrough Spotlight – Drew Warner

Our April Spotlight member is Drew Warner. Drew shares about how physical training ties into mental well being, as well as the difference it makes to have a training program customized to you!

BREAKTHROUGH: Thank you for chatting with me, Drew.

DREW: Absolutely!

BREAKTHROUGH: You got started here at Breakthrough in January. So, tell me what was happening before you joined here. What was going on?

DREW: In terms of fitness, I just knew that it was time for me to make that transformation. I quit drinking several years back; quit doing drugs several years back. And it was time to fully form everything and get, not only get my body right, but in the process, it helps get my mind right as well.


BREAKTHROUGH: It definitely does! One of the reasons why we are so passionate about doing what we do is that it is not just physical – like you noticed that your mental state, your emotional state has absolutely improved by training.So, what made you feel like now was the right time? What pushed you to get started?

DREW: I think it was probably a combination of things. You know, age. I will have to say my mom. Ha, ha!


DREW: Ha, ha! My mom poking at me. “You know what you need to do.” She’s a dancer and choreographer so she’s worked that way her whole life. And I am very physical in my job, but I knew that it was time to transition into something that actually is going to give me the results that I wanted to see…


DREW: ... while I have still have time to do it.

BREAKTHROUGH: Exactly! It’s not too late! It’s never too late!

DREW: That’s right! It’s never too late!

BREAKTHROUGH: So, what have you noticed now that you’ve been doing this for a few months?

DREW: I have noticed more stamina, just in general. Surprisingly, less aches and pains. I mean, you get the natural kind of soreness, if you will, from the workout, which is a good feeling. But then you know from working physically and doing hard labor, is like you tend to tweak yourself a little bit more. But this keeps you in line, so your body just feels good moving forward.

BREAKTHROUGH: Awesome! Less aches and pains is a huge benefit to training.

DREW: Absolutely!

BREAKTHROUGH: A lot of times, people don’t see or are not thinking about that, they just think they are going to be sore all the time. Well yeah, there is going to be some muscle soreness but not the nagging stuff that happens when you DON’T move!

DREW: Exactly!

BREAKTHROUGH: So, any surprises? Anything that you weren’t excepting?

DREW: I wasn’t expecting to like it so much!

BOTH: Ha, ha!


DREW: Honestly! Before I got started, it’s just one of those things where I was dreading it. Like, oh my God, I am not looking forward to doing this… And now I actually gear my day toward – ok, I need to make sure that this is where I am, because this is where I want to be at that time. Which was not what I ever expected to be saying! Ha, ha!

BREAKTHROUGH: I know, I know! When we first discussed you getting started here you were definitely like … I am not going to like it…

DREW: Apprehensive! Ha, Ha!

BREAKTHROUGH: But that is good news! What do you think makes it different? I know you have done other training before.

DREW: I have, but I think that it is the way that it is personalized. Everything that I talked about in the beginning from the first interview was just geared perfectly. I mean, I had no idea what was coming. But once I started doing it, and even now that I have transitioned into the next phase, the way things build; it’s like everything was looked at. It feels very scientific what you’ve created in the program, and it is geared to what I actually like – apparently! Ha, Ha!

BREAKTHROUGH: Well, we do listen when you guys talk!

DREW: You really do, you really do!

BREAKTHROUGH: We try to make a program that you are actually going to want to do! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! One of the things that we always like to ask people is what is your why…

DREW: What is my why…

BREAKTHROUGH: What is your why. Meaning there are a lot of ways that you can spend your time. So why is it important for you to do what you are doing now? Coming in here several times a week, prioritizing taking care of yourself. What is your why?

DREW: I mean, just overall health initially. So that I can have, full circle, everything I have been doing for myself come around into being complete in terms of physically, mentally – and just being able to push forward with my life in a happy place. Also, you know, so maybe I just won’t wear a shirt all summer… Ha, Ha!

BOTH: Ha, Ha!

DREW: It’s getting there! (Flexes his bicep)

BREAKTHROUGH: Okay! Well, summer is coming, and you have been working hard so…

DREW: I have!

BREAKTHROUGH: Is there anything else you want to share? Did we cover everything?

DREW: Just that I would encourage anybody who is thinking about it to try it. This is life changing, and I am very, very excited and happy. I just love the program that this is. I can’t say enough about it!

BREAKTHROUGH: You rock! Thank you so much, Drew! Appreciate you!

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