Breakthrough Spotlight – Erik Gombinski

Breakthrough Spotlight

Erik Gombinski

Our Breakthrough Spotlight Member for October is Erik!  He is a great example of taking action and taking responsibility for his own health and fitness, and we are so happy to have him in our Breakthrough family!


BREAKTHROUGH: I really appreciate you talking the time to be our Spotlight member for October, Erik!

ERIK: Ha, ha! I don’t know what I did to deserve it, frankly!

BREAKTHROUGH: Just you being awesome! All of our members have different things going on in their lives. You make such an effort to get in at an early hour and really get things done. It takes a big amount of commitment and it is just really cool that you are doing that to take care of yourself. So, we just wanted you to share a little bit about your story, and what got you started training with us…

ERIK: You know there is a big difference between the training that I used to do, and what I do with you guys. Obviously, you pay attention a lot more. So there are not going to be any injuries, which is something that is highly important to me. You always pay attention, even when I’m training with other people. I feel like it is one-on-one… like it is personal to me. If I do something wrong, you correct me right on the spot, so I won’t repeat the same mistake.


ERIK: That is one of the most important things to me. And you know I think that the atmosphere and the vibes that you guys are giving throughout the hour means a lot. It is the small things that makes a big difference.

BREAKTHROUGH: That is really great to hear! What made you feel like it was time for you to try something different?

ERIK: Well, I was focusing on cardio, and I did lose some weight, but on the other hand I felt like my muscles were deteriorating or something because I didn’t feel like I was building myself. When I first started you asked, what is your goal? What do you want to achieve? I wanted to build muscle and get stronger and I do feel changes, like on my arms and stuff like that. Some things are up to me – like food and stuff. That is the biggest problem that I have. Timewise, I am having a hard time to maintain everything with work and the gym together. I am trying to do the best effort that I can.

BREAKTHROUGH: Well, you are doing awesome!

ERIK: Definitely, if I could do better, I would do it.

BREAKTHROUGH: I know – you are very dedicated.

ERIK: In everything I do!

BREAKTHROUGH: Yeah! We also like to hear what’s your motivation, what keeps you going? What’ s your “Why?”


ERIK: Wow! That is a great question! You know, my boss is asking me that all the time! What keeps me motivated? I think – just goals. If you don’t have goals in life, you are just floating. And that is something that I learned over the years. if you set yourself a goal, obviously, you are committed to giving best that you can to achieve it. Consistency beats talents. That’s basically the best sentence that I can say. Consistency beats talent.


ERIK: You can be the most talented guy in the world but if you are not consistent, it won’t help you at all.

BREAKTHROUGH: Absolutely… So, what kind of goals do you have coming up on your agenda? What kind of things are you excited to accomplish next?

ERIK: Well, right now, I need to focus on losing weight again and getting better sleep. I know I need to do a better job of managing that with my job…

BREAKTHROUGH: Yeah, it is hard when you are in the car so much. We can work on tackling that and come up with some creative ideas.

ERIK: Yeah, I am pretty sure you know we can do that. You know sometimes you are out of focus. You are putting your energy in a different place, so you need to split it differently. I have been in a lot of changes in the past few months.

BREAKTHROUGH: Yeah, you bought a new house – congratulations! Anything else you’d like to share? Anything else that keeps you going even when you are tired? Anything you’d say to someone who is struggling to find the time to get started?

ERIK: Well, I always tell my friends when they ask how can you wake up at 5:00 am and go to the gym? I say listen, it is only a matter of how much you want it. It all depends on you. Whatever you’re going to do in life, it all depends on you. That is it! I mean if you want to do it, do it. It is up to you!

BREAKTHROUGH: You certainly take responsibility for yourself, and are dedicated, and it’s really inspiring!

ERIK: I am the only one who is responsible for my situation.

BREAKTHROUGH: Very wise and well spoken! We appreciate you sharing all this with us.

ERIK: My pleasure!

BREAKTHROUGH: And we appreciate having you as part of our Breakthrough family. Thanks so much Erik!

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