Breakthrough Spotlight – Judy Davidson

Breakthrough Spotlight – Judy Davidson

Our spotlight member for March is Judy Davidson!  We are so excited to share how Judy’s dedication to her training is helping her live life to the fullest, so she can enjoy being active outside of the gym!


Breakthrough: Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Judy! You’ve been one of our founding Breakthrough family members… You were training privately with Coach Caleb before we even opened the gym…  Can you tell us a little about how you were feeling before you started training, and what made you want to get started?

Judy: Well, without getting into too much detail, for a few years before I started training, I had been having difficulty walking to the point where I actually couldn’t walk outside, or even walk around my house. And so it just happened that across from my dentist was a martial arts school that Caleb was teaching at at the time. I had done kickboxing in the past, and I noticed that you are so busy thinking about your four limbs that you don’t have much time to think about anything else and that’s what I needed to do. And Coach Caleb happened to be in at the time I walked in there, and it was very fortuitous.

Breakthrough: Was there a turning point for you that made you feel like that was the time to get started?

Judy: Yes, I had just changed doctors, and I told him I thought I wanted to do kickboxing again, and he was so enthusiastic about that idea. And then a few days later, I had my appointment with my dentist, so it seemed meant to be. And Coach Caleb was really able to help guide me so that nothing was ever too much – we would just start with the basics on move on from there.

Breakthrough: Yes, it’s really important to get a good foundation and build confidence… And of course now you have been doing a lot of mobility and strength training, and balance work… Can you tell us how your dedication to your training has helped you outside of the gym?

Judy: Well before I started training, I wasn’t really able to go out much, and I’d be at home a lot. If I wanted to go out to a concert downtown, they would have to send a wheelchair down for me and I would have to go up with an usher helping me. But now I’m able to go out by myself, and go to the concert hall and navigate, and get to my seat by myself. I’ve improved a lot and I feel a lot more self-confident.

Breakthrough: That’s so great! That’s exactly why we train – so that we can do the things we want to do outside the gym and enjoy life to the fullest!

Judy: Absolutely! And that’s what I’ve learned sticking to it this long, and it’s been a pure joy to do it! I always feel like I’ve got lots of support and everyone here is very friendly, so that helps.

Breakthrough: Any other results from your training that stand out to you… anything you’re excited about?

Judy: Yes, I just had a bone density test, and back in 1998 it was pretty bad. But the last few years that I’ve been training, I’ve really been holding my own, and now my bones are in better shape than they were back then. So I’m really happy about that!

Breakthrough: That’s fantastic!


Judy: To have my balance improve… it’s worth doing the training for that alone, but then all these other health benefits just make it even more worthwhile. And I’ve learned a lot about nutrition too, but what I really like is that there’s no indoctrination here – you guys can work with people who have different ways of eating and it doesn’t have to be just one way. I just wish everybody I know was able to come and experience it for themselves. I see great changes not just in myself, but in other people who train here too. My son has also been training here for several years and to see him getting so strong and confident is really great!

Breakthrough: Yes! It’s so nice to be able to share that experience with family members! Now, could you share with us your “why”? What’s your motivation for spending this time training and taking care of yourself?

Judy: At my age, I’m almost 73, I have learned from experience that consistency is most important, and that when I’m exercising all the time I feel really good. I also want to keep off the 20 pounds that I’ve lost since I’ve been here. And the balance issues that I have, they aren’t going to go away completely, but I can always learn to improve and have more strategies for dealing with that.

Breakthrough: Yes, we can always learn and grow, and figure out better ways to take care of ourselves.

Judy: And I really like coming here, and all the people here. You guys always find the way to show us the next step we need to take, and I see that there’s no limit to what we can do!

Breakthrough: It’s so true! Thanks so much Judy! We really appreciate you taking the time to share with us!

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