Breakthrough Spotlight – Marc Hollander

Breakthrough Spotlight

Marc Hollander

Our Breakthrough Spotlight Member for September is Marc Hollander!  We all have different things that motivate us to stay in shape.  Marc shared his “why” with us as well as how having the right environment makes a big difference!


BREAKTHROUGH: Thank you, Marc, for being our Spotlight member for the month of September!  You started this year off with a bang in January when you joined us for our Best Life Challenge… and since then you’ve continued to be consistent with your training. What made you feel like you were ready to come in and start up?

MARC:  Well, I was going to get married and wanted to lose some weight prior to getting married. So that was my motivation. I wanted to look good for my wedding.

BREAKTHROUGH: Well, that is a great reason!  And you have lost a lot of weight now.

MARC:  I lost 20 pounds or something.  And several inches around my waist.

BREAKTHROUGH: Right! You lost 20 pounds during that 8-week challenge, and you’ve been great at maintaining that progress… So how are you feeling now?

MARC:  I’m feeling stronger.  Overall, I am just feeling better. Even though you torture me!

BREAKTHROUGH: Well, that’s my job – haha! And what kind of things have you noticed outside the gym? Any carry overs?

MARC:  Well, yeah. My work. I stock shelves and have to bend and lift and stretch and be on my feet all day. I am finding it easier to cope with that.

BREAKTHROUGH: That’s good! When you have a physical job, it is especially important to take care of your physical health.

MARC:  My mobility is also better because the training I do here.

BREAKTHROUGH: Awesome! Now that you are married and that initial goal isn’t the same, what is your motivation now?  Do you have a “why?”

MARC:  I have been heavy all my life.  You didn’t know me then, but I used to be 350 pounds.  I had to have stomach surgery. After that surgery, I almost passed on a few times because I had complications.  And I never want to get that big ever, ever again.  So, my motivation is to stay – ideally, I would love to be a 34 waist – but I am staying at about a 36. And that seems to be OK for me, so I want to maintain where I’m at.

BREAKTHROUGH: That is great!

MARC:  And I want to stay healthy.  I have grandbabies and I want to be able to spoil them and play with them as long as I can. And I want to be around to torture my wife, you know. Haha! That is always good.

BREAKTHROUGH: Haha!  Oh poor Kendall…

MARC:  Yeah, so those are my motivations.


BREAKTHROUGH: I think a lot of people can relate to that. For a lot of our members, it is not necessarily about coming in and seeing how heavy you can lift. Although that is fun!  But it is really these other reasons why we do the stuff we do.  You want to be able play with your grandkids.  Do the stuff you enjoy in life.  And if you are stronger and move better, all that stuff is easier and more enjoyable.

MARC:  Right. I want to travel. And I want to be able to walk and do the sightseeing things.  Kendall has had her knee surgery, and now she is the bionic woman. So, she should be able to keep up with me now.

BREAKTHROUGH: Awesome!  Yes, we have to keep you guys in shape for all of these adventures.

MARC:  Exactly!

BREAKTHROUGH: Do you have an adventure planned?

MARC:  No, I don’t know when we be able to do a honeymoon, yet.  We haven’t done that. We are talking about going to the Hawaiian Islands.

BREAKTHROUGH: That would be great! When the time comes you’ll be ready. Any advice you might have for someone who is thinking of getting started with training?

MARC:  Just bite the bullet and do it.  If you are feeling bad about yourself and you want to feel better about yourself – the only person who can do it is you.  Everyone at the gym is extremely helpful.  You coaches are here to help. You are like parents.  You can be strict when you need to be strict. You can be fun when you want to be fun.  The environment here is very warm and engaging.  And you make people feel welcome.

BREAKTHROUGH: Oh good! Well we try our best to have you guys work hard, but also have a good time. We know it is not easy to come in after work or on your day off when you could just go home and lay on the couch.

MARC:  Well, I do like to do that! But I’m glad I make the time to come in here a few times a week to take care of myself.

BREAKTHROUGH: Me too! Thanks again for sharing!

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