Breakthrough Spotlight – Meg de Bassecourt

Breakthrough Spotlight

Meg de Bassecourt

Our Breakthrough Spotlight Member for May is Meg de Bassecourt! Meg just completed the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge for the first time and had fantastic results: 200 pounds on the deadlift, a 25 second flexed arm hang, 100 kettlebell snatches with a 12kg bell in 5 minutes… and the experience of realizing we are all stronger than we might think we are capable of!

BREAKTHROUGH:  Meg, thank you so much for being our spotlight member for May.  So, you just completed the Tactical Strength Challenge a couple of weeks ago, and you had an amazing performance…

MEG: Thank you!

BREAKTHROUGH:  How did that feel?

MEG: It felt awesome.  I went in with low expectations of what I was going to be able to do. And the day of, I just centered myself, and I crushed it! Ha, ha!

BREAKTHROUGH:  Ha, Ha! You did! It was awesome.  I mean, 200 pounds on the dead lift… 100 snatches…

MEG: It was crazy. I also have to give a shout-out to Erik who was my early morning training partner. I really, really forced him into it.  And I knew he didn’t want to do it, but he stuck with it. And he crushed it, as well. I was so proud of him!

BREAKTHROUGH:  You were both amazing! We always say training partners are results multipliers!

MEG: I am a little competitive, though. So, I figured I’d probably do a bit better than I thought on the day of…


BREAKTHROUGH:  So, what was your motivation going into the challenge?  What made you want to sign up in the first place?

MEG: Turning 40!


MEG: No seriously, turning 40 and to show my children what you can be capable of. Just to be strong, and to show what strength looks like and that it comes in different forms.

BREAKTHROUGH:  Is that a motivation to you in general?  Being an example to your kids?

MEG: Yes. Also, being able to keep up with them and not having it be a problem!  It is part of my lifestyle now, and I am not tired. Now I feel I am really strong and I can just pick them up and chuck them in the pool!  Just physically being stronger…

BREAKTHROUGH:  Ha, ha! Pick them up and just chuck them in the pool!

MEG:  Yep! Just chuck them in the pool.

BREAKTHROUGH: Too funny! And your story of how we met you is kind of funny too. I know Amy, one of our long-time members, just started talking to you as you were crossing the street nearby!

MEG: Yeah, with the kids.  We started talking on the street, and I mentioned I was from Toronto and so is she. Then she told me about Breakthrough and gave me a card for the gym, and I ended up coming in here and the rest is history! It was so nice to meet another Canadian.

BREAKTHROUGH:  And now you’ve met a few other Canadians here at the gym, and of course some “natives” too.

MEG:  Exactly. I have met so many people that I have become friends with, which is really nice. It was hard moving from somewhere else and not knowing anyone.

BREAKTHROUGH:  We really love that Breakthrough is a community of people that support each other! Aside from getting to meet new people, what else made you feel like you wanted to start training?


MEG: Just wanting to be in shape. For whole decade, I have been either pregnant or raising children.  So, it was time for me, as opposed to just everything for my family.

BREAKTHROUGH:  It is important to have that, for sure.

MEG: Oh my God, Yeah!

BREAKTHROUGH:  Otherwise you’re going to go crazy.  And if you don’t take care of yourself it’s going to be a lot harder to take care of everyone else.

MEG: Yeah, I didn’t have a lot of focus on myself before. But I need to be strong for myself and my family!

BREAKTHROUGH:  It’s been about a year now that you have been training here with us.  How are you feeling now?

MEG: Oh, I feel great! I don’t really care how much I weigh. It’s like – who cares!

BREAKTHROUGH:  Exactly. It is about other things for you.

MEG: I notice the difference. I look stronger.  I feel stronger. And that is pretty much all that matters.

BREAKTHROUGH:  I love it! So, what do you think is next for you?   Do you have any new goals now that the TSC is done?

MEG: I was talking to some people on the powerlifting team and that seemed interesting.


MEG: Yeah. So, I might give that a go.  I have to have another goal, so that will probably be the next one. And I think by the end of summer or fall I’d like to deadlift 250 pounds. I had been thinking I’d get 200 by the end of the summer, but I did it the other day! I have done that already!

BREAKTHROUGH:  Yep, that’s done already! So you need a new goal.

MEG: Exactly!

BREAKTHROUGH: I’d love to see that happen!  250 is totally manageable for you. You’ve got that.  No problem! So, can you share your “why” with us?

MEG:  I just want to be strong. It feels good to be healthy and to feel good all the time and not be in pain. And also as an example to my children. They’re super fit little kids and very active. So, I am keeping that in their lifestyle to carry on throughout their whole life. It’s important.

BREAKTHROUGH:  For them and for you!  You rock, Meg!  Thanks so much for sharing!

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