Breakthrough Spotlight – Michelle’s breakthrough with pull ups and deadlifts

October 10th 2015 –

Breakthrough Spotlight: Michelle Damas

– Yes, it is possible to burn fat and transform your body with strength training as your focus!

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Breakthrough Spotlight:

Michelle Damas

Breakthrough: So we’re here with Michelle today because we want to talk about how awesome she is in general…

Michelle: You’re so sweet.

Breakthrough: Well when we were trying to figure out who we should feature in our Spotlight this month and Annie said “We should find someone who is doing TSC training, because it’s been going off the charts and everyone has been accomplishing really cool stuff” and then I said “Michelle! She’s doing all those pull ups and learning the kettlebell snatch in no time flat and then lifting heavy stuff all of the sudden,” when I know initially you came to us and that wasn’t necessarily your goal.

Michelle: Right, yeah.

Breakthrough: And now you are and it’s awesome! So you came in today and you were just telling me you did how many tactical pull ups, 2?

Michelle: Two and a half maybe, haha, I don’t know if the half counts, I’m being optimistic.

Breakthrough: Two and a half is even better! It counts! Because a few weeks ago you weren’t doing any tactical pulls and now you’re doing two and half!

Michelle: Yeah I think when I started here three months ago, about a month into my training we were just working on hanging, strengthening my lats, I couldn’t even pull up.

Breakthrough: And now just a couple of quick months later, you’ve got two tactical pull ups!

Michelle: Yeah! Absolutely .

Breakthrough: And obviously the deadlift is going strong, so you’ve been making huge progress with that.

Michelle: Yeah, I did my first ever deadlift here.

Breakthrough: I remember when you first started you were seeing some of the other people lifting on the bar and I said “Just wait…” Prior to the TSC you started with deadlifting kettlebells, and then when we switched to the bar, the heaviest you had done was around 100 pounds. Now tonight you’re going to be lifting 140!

Michelle: Oh lovely, haha…

Breakthrough: But last week 135 was no problem whatsoever! And its feeling strong?

Michelle: Yeah it is, it’s interesting every time lifting heavier weight and realizing that I’m capable of it. I don’t want to go so far as to say it’s easy, but it’s surprisingly manageable.

Breakthrough: That’s awesome!

Michelle: Thanks!

Breakthrough: Also, of course we always want to make sure that we’re not just forcing you to do things that didn’t line up with your goals, however I know you were saying the other day that your daughter was saying “oh you look totally different now,” and how kids can be brutally honest…

Michelle: Very ruthless and brutally honest, yes absolutely. I think where I’ve definitely noticed the most are my arms and back, and those are really hard places for me to lose in general, and being more alert and strong and strength goes all the way across the board, energy as well, but definitely my upper body, well and in my legs, who am I kidding!

Breakthrough: Also we were talking about a little butt development as well…

Michelle: Yeah, that too! I was just telling my mom today that I’m targeting and reaching sort of where I wanted to be, I don’t want to say it seems slow, when you’re on a scale it seems different, but it’s all this muscle that I’m building and I’m still losing fat, I’ve lost 5 pounds already, so I know that my body is slowly transforming.

Breakthrough: It’s changing, yeah! Is there anything else you want to share with your adoring fans? All the people that love training with you because you’re just a little ball of energy, and always positive! That’s another thing, you have no fear, you just go for it and get the thing done!

Michelle: I think that’s sort of a nervous reaction, when I’m lifting something heavy I just laugh it off.

Breakthrough: Well that’s a great nervous reaction to have! You don’t freak out, you’re just like “haha I’m going to do it”.

Michelle: Yeah I laugh like “I can’t believe I’m going to do this”.

Breakthrough: But then you do! And so having that positive energy is what motivates and keeps you going.

Michelle: I try, what can I say?

Breakthrough: And it’s an inspiration to the rest of us! Well thank you Michelle, we appreciate you and all your energy around the gym!

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