Breakthrough Spotlight – Tracy

Our Spotlight Member this month is Tracy, and we just love the energy and attention to learning that she brings to each training session. Tracy just participated in our Adventure Team, and did an awesome job! In this interview she talks about getting back out there after Covid, getting stronger in her sport and training for all of life's adventures ahead!

BREAKTHOUGH: Tracy, thank you for sitting down and chatting with me today.

TRACY: Of course.

BREAKTHOUGH: So, I wanted to talk with you because it has been about three months now since you have been training at Breakthrough.

TRACY: Yes, about three months.

BREAKTHOUGH: And I like to check in with people at different stages in their journey… Tell me what you brought you here in the first place? How were you feeling before you joined?

TRACY: Well, I was looking for… you know, I play tennis 4 or 5 days a week, sometimes 6 to 7 days a week!

BREAKTHOUGH: Oh my gosh!

TRACY: But I felt like my body wasn’t getting any stronger really. I was kind of stagnating and I really wanted to get stronger. I wanted to improve my game by just having a stronger body.

BREAKTHOUGH: Ok. So, what made you feel like this was the time to try something different?

TRACY: You know, my husband is very Covid insecure. He finally got to a point where he was willing to say, you can go out in the world and do what you want to do. We were pretty closed down for a while because he has lung cancer so if he gets Covid, it would be bad news. We were trying to keep that out of the house.

BREAKTHOUGH: Sure! As you needed to, of course!


TRACY: But I thought, I will get out now. And this is a safe environment. I wasn’t going to go to 24 Hour Fitness where you are like all packed in on ellipticals a mile long, you know. I needed to find something that I felt safe.

BREAKTHOUGH: Well, good! I am glad you felt that. We worked very hard throughout this whole thing to make it feel that way for people. Fortunately, we had no community spread ever – not once!

TRACY: That is great!

BREAKTHOUGH: People here are very respectful of each other.

TRACY: Yeah!

BREAKTHOUGH: Now, I remember when you first reached out you were saying that when you looked at the photos on our website, you said – oh there are people like me here!

TRACY: Exactly!

BREAKTHOUGH: Was that the thing that made you…

TRACY: That’s what made me get in touch with you. I was just looking at all different websites and different programs. I saw your website and thought, oh, these are not skinny little models prancing around in tank tops and shorts. There are real people in there.

BOTH: Ha, ha!

TRACY: I liked that. And the fact that you advertise like that. Whether that is what people look like at 24 Hour Fitness or wherever, that is how they advertise. So that is how they want themselves perceived. The fact that you had that on your website, made me feel like it’s a real place and that you guys are real.

BREAKTHOUGH: Yeah, we are! We are real! I know, it is so strange how fitness marketing – it’s definitely changing, things are changing and it’s a good thing. But a lot of times people use photos of stock images of people who don’t train that gym. They are fitness models who all look a certain way. And why am I going to use those people in our advertising? I want people to see that – hey, people who look all different ways and are all different ages train here. This is what you see when you come. So, I am glad that was what drew you because that is real, it’s real life. So now that is been a few months, how are you feeling? What do you notice?

TRACY: I am feeling great! I actually feel that I am getting stronger. As I do the exercises, I can feel myself progressing and feel my body getting stronger. Actually, my tennis game has improved.

BREAKTHOUGH: I was going to say, I think you just won a couple of…

TRACY: Ha, ha. Yes

BREAKTHOUGH: A couple of big things. Ha, ha!

TRACY: Ha, ha! Yes, I just won two trophies for both of my leagues, and I am going to sectionals with the USTA next week. Yes, this spring, especially this past month and half, has been really strong in tennis and I think some of that is obviously due to my body being stronger.

BREAKTHOUGH: Yes! Of course! That is awesome.

TRACY: It really is! And now that I am doing this nutrition group here, I feel like that is helping me to figure out this next step. I still have lots of extra pounds that kind of came on during Covid, really. I have never had a stomach before. Like somehow, all the sitting around and not doing things and my weight just moved. That is one of things I am trying to work on. But I want to do it in a really healthy way. I don’t want to go on a crash diet because I can probably starve myself for three weeks and probably get down to the weight I want to be, but that is not a good thing.

BREAKTHOUGH: Then you would gain it all back once you start eating normally again because that is how crash dieting works.

TRACY: Right. I think I just picked up some bad habits during Covid because… ha, ha!

BREAKTHOUGH: Gosh! Who didn’t! We thought it would be a couple weeks but then it just turned into years. We all were in that boat. You are not alone in that. I think every single person feels the way you feel.

TRACY: Yeah. So, I want to combat as much as I can. I am 61 and I think 61 doesn’t have to be old.

BREAKTHOUGH: 61! You’ve got decades ahead of you!

TRACY: Let’s hope!

BREAKTHOUGH: I mean, we have people in here in their late 80’s and still coming into the gym a couple times a week. So, 61 is young.

TRACY: Right. And I don’t feel old, but I want to be doing what I am doing right now when I am 75.


TRACY: So, you know, it’s going to take some work. The diet part especially. During Covid, I was into drinking a cocktail every night.


TRACY: So, ok. I have gotten away from that, but I feel like there are just things that I feel like I have to do be able to keep playing tennis the way that I am in 15 years.

BREAKTHOUGH: You are right. It’s not going to happen by just doing the things we used to do when we were younger. The truth of the matter is that if you want maintain muscle mass, if you want to maintain bone density, if you want to maintain your balance, it does require some attention. It does require some time put in, and lifting some weights, and working on these things, and looking at food. Which you have been doing too. So, you are on the right track!


TRACY: Yeah, I am and I feel like it takes a while to make something a habit. I have been coming here three months and now, I feel like Tuesday and Thursday – it’s a habit now. I don’t even have to think about it; I just come.

BREAKTHOUGH: I was going to say – it takes about three months for something that you consistently commit to to become a habit. So it’s just part of your life.

TRACY: Yes. The food part… I am just looking at it a different way. Normally I just fill up my plate. I need to reverse engineer my plate! Put the vegetables…

BREAKTHOUGH: Veggies and protein first, exactly! Then there is still a little space on that plate for the fun things! That is the way it goes.

TRACY: Yeah, but that is not normally how it goes. I have to be more thoughtful about it. And it is not that hard to do. I just have to be conscious of it.

BREAKTHOUGH: Mindfulness, yes. That’s really important! So, then, we kind of already touched on this… I always like to ask people what is your why? What is the thing that motivates you to try to make this a consistent habit to take care of yourself?

TRACY: My why is that, I have two kids and they are in their twenties. I want to be around and watch them grow old and watch them have kids and families. I love to travel. My husband is going to retire in a couple of years. Then we have all these travel plans and I just want to be able to do all that. I want to be able go on that safari in Africa!


TRACY: And not be pushed around in a wheelchair. I want to be out there walking around.

BREAKTHOUGH: That makes perfect sense! Yes, training is about not what happens in the gym. It’s about all of these other things that you want to do with your life. To me that is what it is all about. That is a great why! You have adventures yet to be had. You have to be strong for those adventures! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I appreciate it!

TRACY: Thank you! You are welcome. You guys are great! Very motivating and very positive uplifting people, and it is very nice to come in here!

BREAKTHOUGH: Yay! That is exactly how we want it to be for you guys! Like, this is my happy place.

TRACY: It is a happy place! I don’t think – I am going to the gym. I think, oh, I get to work out!

BREAKTHOUGH: Exactly! Thanks so much, Tracy!

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