Develop Beautiful Strength – Tune Up Your Get Up!

Tune Up Your Get Up!

Develop Beautiful Strength!

Saturday 4/29 from 1-3pm

What is “beautiful strength?” We believe it is a body that is strong, but also supple. A body that looks good, and also performs well. A body that is in perfect balance. What if there was one exercise that could deliver all of those things when practiced properly and consistently?

The Turkish Get Up is the answer! For most ladies first learning this move we might describe it as “yoga with weights”, and for gentlemen an “old timey strong man exercise”. However you describe it, there are few moves that deliver as big a “bang for your buck” as Get Ups!


Get Ups develop core strength, shoulder stability, and leg drive. They take you through a full range of motion starting on the ground, to standing, and back down to the ground, using almost every muscle group along the way. In addition to building strength, Get Ups also develop coordination, balance and symmetry in the body.

Join us Saturday 4/29 from 1-3pm and we will break down the Get Up in detail! We will give you tools to troubleshoot common problems, and help you fine tune your technique to make sure you are getting the most out of this powerful exercise. Whether you have never done Get Ups before, or have been doing them for a while, we guarantee you will learn some skills to help take your Get Up to the next level!

Breakthrough members can enroll for $47 via email or our sign up sheet in the gym. Non-members of Breakthrough are welcome to join us for $79. Contact us with any questions, or to enroll. We can’t wait to see your “beautiful strength!”

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