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We are happy to announce that Breakthrough Strength & Fitness will once again be hosting the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday April 23, 2016!

The Challenge is open to members as well as non-members of the gym! Join us at Breakthrough on Friday 2/26 at 7pm for a FREE kick off meeting to learn the details of the Tactical Strength Challenge, what to expect in your training, and how much FUN you will have when you join the Breakthrough TSC Team! Training will begin the week of 2/29.

The Tactical Strength Challenge gives you an amazing opportunity to develop your strength and physical capabilities in a variety of ways – you will build absolute strength by finding your max in the barbell deadlift, develop bodyweight strength with tactical pull ups and flexed arm hangs, and see your cardiovascular strength skyrocket with kettlebell snatches!

It’s a scientific fact that working out with training partners will multiply your results in the gym – studies have shown an increase in performance of over 80% compared to training on your own! And having something specific to train for, with a specific date on a calendar will also give your training a focus that will yield greater results. When you join the Breakthrough TSC team, not only will you get a program designed to help you reach your personal best, you will ALSO get expert coaching to fine tune your technique for maximum results, AS WELL AS all the benefits of training with a supportive team of people excited to cheer each other on!

Join the TSC Challenge Team as a non-member of Breakthrough for only $447, and you will receive:

  1. A custom training program to help you reach your personal best

  2. 9 weeks of unlimited access to our small group classes instructed by the West San Fernando Valley’s ONLY StrongFirst Instructors

  3. Weekly closed-door training session exclusively for the members of the TSC Challenge Team

Breakthrough members will receive a custom program, unlimited training, and access to the weekly training meeting for only $49 – HOWEVER, if you refer a friend who signs up for the TSC Challenge Team, you can join the Challenge Team for FREE!!!

So, bring a friend and join us Friday 2/26 at 7pm to discover your strength potential with the Tactical Strength Challenge! Contact us for more info or to reserve your spot today!

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