Feel better health wise, energy wise, mentally, and emotionally!

February 27th 2016 –

“I feel so much better health wise, energy wise, mentally, and emotionally.”

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Breakthrough Spotlight – Maurine Perkins


Our Breakthrough Spotlight for March is Maurine Perkins! We wanted to share Maurine’s story because she jumped into our Drop Two Sizes Challenge with zero hesitation, and her commitment and positive attitude has gotten her some amazing results – getting down two sizes in only 4 weeks!!! Her enthusiasm is an inspiration to all of us at Breakthrough, and her smile and laugh will brighten up any room she is in! During last week’s D2S coaching meeting, we asked Maurine to share what her journey has been like so far.

Breakthrough: Last week marked the halfway point of our 8 week Down Two Sizes Challenge, and seeing everyone buttoning up pants that weren’t buttoning before was so inspiring – especially considering we still have a few weeks to go! So, Maurine, at the start of our D2S challenge, you brought in your jeans that were two sizes down, and they weren’t going on past your hips. But last week when we did our “jeans check”, not only were they on, but they were zipped up! Tell us a bit about how you were feeling before you started the D2S Challenge.

Maurine: The biggest thing is that before I was feeling that I didn’t have a lot of energy. This past year has been very stressful for my family, but I’ve remained positive, for a big portion because of my family member because I know that works. So, when I started this I thought – OK, I have to make this decision because this is my life and I have to be around.

Breakthrough: Of course! You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of all the other people you take care of. Can you share more about the turning point where you knew that this was the time?

Maurine: Oh my god! I had gone for a doctor’s appointment, and you know, they always weigh you. I was up probably the highest I had ever been, and it just freaked me out. Now, granted it was right after the holidays – haha! But I lost both my parents in their sixties, and I am now 64. My mother in particular was overweight, and shorter than I am and was well over 200 pounds. I didn’t want to see myself get there, but I was seeing it happening. So when you guys presented this I thought – OK, this is the time!

Breakthrough: And you just jumped in with both feet! Your dedication is tremendous! Were there obstacles you feel prevented you from getting results in the past?

Maurine: Probably a lot of little things that added up. For over 20 years I worked a corporate job, and I was always stressed out then. I would go for hours and hours without eating because I would get too busy. I would either skip lunch or work through my lunch and it was awful. Now I have my own business and make my own hours, and it’s great! And I’ve got to say, I love to eat. I absolutely love to eat, but the problem is I would eat the wrong stuff!

Breakthrough: Sure, a lot of people can relate to not always eating the right things, or eating at the right times. But the nutrition recommendations we use here are really pretty simple, and allow for room to have splurges and carbs at the right times. Is there anything that has surprised you about doing this D2S Challenge?

Maurine: I think the biggest surprise that I’ve had is that I’m actually eating more now than I was before, and I’m enjoying it, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I’ve learned to reorganize my refrigerator. All the healthy stuff is right there in the middle, right where you see it, so when I’m hungry I open the fridge and have something healthy to grab and I’m done.

Breakthrough: Can you share how you’re feeling now?

Maurine: I have to say I feel so much better health wise, energy wise, mentally, and emotionally than I did five weeks ago. When I went out to get my jeans at the beginning of the challenge, I tried on pants that fit me at that point, and found out what size I really was and it scared me. I grabbed two sizes down off the shelf, knowing I couldn’t get them past my thighs. But I took them home, took the tags off and brought them here, and I said – whatever it takes, I’m doing this. And I did it! And I have to thank you because this is probably the best program I’ve ever done in my life. And yes, I can get in my two sizes down in four weeks!

Breakthrough: Absolutely! You have been doing such a great job, and we can’t wait to see how you are looking and feeling in another three weeks – you’re probably going to need another size down!

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