Find the Good

Before we decided to take the leap 8 1/2 years ago and open Breakthrough, Caleb and I spent a good chunk of time coming up with Core Values. We are so glad we did because whenever we have faced a difficult decision, had to navigate a challenge, or felt like we were somehow out of alignment with ourselves, these Core Values help bring clarity. One of these values that we have been leaning on heavily this past summer is: “Find the good in people, situations, and experiences.”

One of the really cool things about knowing your own Core Values is that you start to see them in other people who have similar ones to yours. Throughout all the trials and tribulations we faced with the “Great Flood of 2023”, so many people reached out and made it a point to share their own positive mindset with us. Not in a phony “good vibes only" way, but genuinely understanding we were going through something tough, but we have what it takes to make something good come out of it.


One of the things people have said is “Maybe this is a blessing in disguise”. And I do agree. Because one of my Core Values is to find the good, and I try to practice this value even when I don’t necessarily “feel” that way. Caleb’s article last week “Strength is not about your Feelings” got me thinking how true this is in other areas of life. For so many of the things we need to do to take the best care of ourselves, we have to move past how we “feel” and create habits that support us instead. I may not always feel like doing a training session (yes, even I feel that way sometimes) but because it’s a habit that supports the values I have, I get going and do my training anyway. I may “feel” like eating pizza everyday, but I know this doesn’t support my overall health, and the habits and values I have about food. Mindset is yet another place that we have to sometimes look past how we are feeling so we can be aligned with our values. People have very kindly told us recently, “you guys are so positive, you’ll get through this!” The truth is, we haven’t always been feeling super positive recently- we have had to keep choosing positivity. We’ve felt nervous and scared about the future of Breakthrough. We’ve felt confused, angry and frustrated in negotiations with our landlord and insurance companies. We felt defeated every time we had to tell our members we weren’t sure when we would be able to move back to our home studio. We felt worried about Caleb’s healing from a major surgery on his wrist the month before the flood. We felt absolutely devastated by the sudden cancer diagnosis and passing of Caleb’s father in August. BUT, we have also felt gratitude for all the people who have helped us in countless ways in our business and personal lives. Joy at seeing our members continue to get results, hit some new personal records, and stay connected to each other in less than ideal circumstances. Excitement at new possibilities that lie ahead. We have felt deep love, on so many levels.


If we chose to keep finding the good even when life gives us more than we think we can handle, I believe we will find it if we are in the habit of practicing it. Here are some things that have helped me practice positivity over the past several months:

  • Connecting to the people around us that have similar values. Every time someone checked in, asked how we were doing, and offered words of positivity it truly meant so much. We have so many people in our gym community, our personal lives, and the larger community we are a part of who also choose to find the good.

  • As I have written and spoke of many times before, I rely on my gratitude practice. Each day when I wake up, I am in the habit of finding at least three things I am grateful for. Even during the most stressful times, I’m always able to find something I’m thankful for.

  • Recognizing that I can’t solve every problem all at once, and giving myself grace. Trying to control things that are beyond my control only leads to frustration and defeat, so when I let go of those things and direct my energy to what I can control, I have a much more positive outlook on everything.

  • Continuing to care for myself. When we get busy and overwhelmed, self-care is the first thing to go. I continue to have to remind myself that I cannot stay positive and find the good if I don’t do the things that make me feel good. Some of those things for me are keeping up my training, taking my walks, practicing music, and having meditation time.

We might not always feel it, but there is always something good. Because we don’t always feel it, we have to practice finding it. I’m so grateful there are so many others out here on the path with us! Strength & Love, Kati PS – We would love to share some of our good stuff with everyone next Saturday at our Grand Re-Opening Celebration! See you there!

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