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November 14th 2015 Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Change the World!

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  1. Looking Ahead: Our next free event will be on Friday, December 11th. We will be holding a toy drive for the West Valley Food Pantry! Save the date!

  2. Thanksgiving Break: In observance of Thanksgiving we will be closed on Thursday 11/26 as well as Friday 11/27.

  3. We wanted to send out a HUGE congratulations to our Breakthrough Member, Margaret Sanborn! Margaret attended a StrongFirst certification last weekend and passed with flying colors! We are so proud! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

REMINDER! Join us this Friday for a….

FREE EVENT – Ballistic Burn Workout! – Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Change the World!

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Is it possible to build muscle, burn fat, and help make the world a better place all at the same time? At Breakthrough Strength & Fitness, we know undoubtedly the answer is YES!

As the holidays approach, we all find ourselves with lots of commitments and fun ways to celebrate. This can often mean we find ourselves squeezed between indulging in holiday treats, and having less time for our training… A double whammy that can sabotage our fitness goals! So we need to make extra sure that when we make the time for our workouts, they pack as much punch as possible. Enter kettlebell ballistics!

Kettlebell ballistics are quick, explosive moves such as the swing, clean or snatch. When performed properly, the unique nature of these moves allows for workouts that build muscle and challenge the cardiovascular system at the same time. A one-two punch of burning fat and building strength all at once! Here is a study from the American Council on Exercise:

“Following a basic warm-up, subjects did 15 seconds of one-armed snatches, first with their dominant hand, then after a 15-second rest period, they performed another 15 seconds of snatches with the other hand. The workout continued like that, with intervals of 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest, for 20 minutes, followed by a five-minute cool-down.” So they were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which is off the charts. That’s equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace. The only other thing I could find that burns that many calories is cross-country skiing up hill at a fast pace,” said the study’s lead researcher, John Porcari, Ph.D.

Each month at the gym we host an “open event” that our members can attend, and also invite friends and family to. These events are also open to anyone interested in checking the unique gym culture we have at Breakthrough. November’s open event will be a “Ballistic Burn” workout, taught by Caleb and Kati Terray, certified kettlebell instructors since 2009, and the West San Fernando Valley’s ONLY StrongFirst kettlebell instructors.

Join us on Friday November 20, 2015 from 6pm to 7pm and you will:

  1. Learn techniques that will help make your kettlebell ballistics maximally effective for fat loss and muscle gain. Whether you are a kettlebell beginner, or have been swinging for years, we will have tips and tricks that will help take you to the next level!

  2. Enjoy a quick, fat blasting training session featuring one of our signature “Metabolic Burn” workouts.

  3. Be challenged and have fun!

  4. Make a difference in the community.

Again, this event is open to members and non-members as our way of sharing our passion with as many people as possible. And in the spirit of sharing, this event will support the West Valley Food Pantry, as they provide food for Thanksgiving meals to local families in need.

There is no cost to attend our open event – we just ask that everyone bring a non-perishable food item such as Cans of sweet potatoes/yams, stuffing mix, packaged gravy, mashed potato mixes, pumpkin pie filling, pie crust mix, canned green beans etc. Checks to the West Valley Food Pantry are also welcome.

To reserve your spot for the Ballistic Burn event, or for additional info, contact us at

Build muscle, burn fat, change the world!

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