Got a Minute?

Got a Minute?

We know it might be hard to carve out a whole hour or even 30 minutes to do a training session these days… whether it’s been hard to adjust to a new routine of training from home, or you’ve been feeling unmotivated, or just seem to keep ending the day having not gotten to that workout you swore you’d get in today – we totally get it!

But what if you could break up your training into several “mini movement breaks” throughout the day? Consider this: it takes about 10 seconds to 5 – 7 push ups. It takes about same amount of time to perform 5 squats. It takes precisely 15 seconds to do 10 kettlebell swings. It might seem overwhelming if we gave you a program that had 200 kettlebell swings in it, but if you broke up those swings throughout the day it would only take a total of 5 minutes of actual training time to get that done!

Of course there are disadvantages to breaking up your training throughout the day like this, but let’s not worry about those, because there are some real advantages too! First, you’ll always feel pretty fresh, so you should be able to really focus on perfect technique, and see your skills in your chosen practice exercises improve quickly. Second, you might be able to do a more challenging version of an exercise because you are resting more. For example, doing single leg pistol squats instead of regular squats. We talked about this a few weeks ago in our article on greasing the groove. Or you might be able to use a heaver weight or do more reps. Finally and most importantly, you are more likely to get it done, especially if longer blocks of time have been problematic.

To give you some inspiration we’ve got a few quick ideas with videos that are all only 1 minute long:


Kettlebell Complex from Coach Kati:

3 Front Squats 3 Military Presses 5 Swings Switch Sides and Repeat

If you do this complex 5 times throughout the day, you will have done 30 squats, 30 presses and 50 swings!


Bodyweight circuit from Coach RT:

5 Squats 10 Second Plank 5 Birddogs each side 5 Squats

If you do this circuit 5 times during the day, you will have done 50 squats, 50 seconds of planking, and 50 total birddogs!

TRX Workout from Coach Caleb:

5 Hip bridge and Row 5 Overhead Squats 5 Fallouts 5 Triceps Presses

Repeat this workout 5 times throughout the day and you’ll have racked up 25 each of all of the above!

Keep moving by keeping it short, simple and fun!

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