“I feel like I’m in my 20’s again!” – Read Alex’s Story!

Breakthrough Spotlight – Alex Ruiz!


Breakthrough: Thank you for sitting down with us today to be our Breakthrough Spotlight for November, Alex! So tell us about where you were at before you started training here at Breakthrough? What was going on with you?

Alex: Well my body is like a yoyo so when I don’t work out, my body gets out of shape really fast. But when I am training, my body changes quickly and I get really strong fast. Before I came here, I was in one of those phases where I was really out of shape.

Breakthrough: And what was your turning point where you felt like it was time to take action?

Alex: I just didn’t want to have a 70 year old body while I was still young, and that’s what I felt like. I was in a car accident several years ago, and my back was really changed and it impacted everything, including my martial arts practice. But now my back is back to normal and feels just fine!

Breakthrough: That’s great news!

Alex: And even though I do struggle with consistency because the demands of my job are very unpredictable, you are able to get me back on track quickly if I miss training for a while. You know where to start, and how to ramp up so that I don’t get injured. And even though sometimes I’ll be out for or a week or two, you’re still the family that I can come home to.

Breakthrough: Of course, we are here for you!

Alex: And that’s a huge thing for me. When I come here consistently for just a few weeks, my body feels young. That’s the best way to say it. I’m not 28 anymore, but I feel like when I come here you guys whip me into shape so that I feel like I’m in my 20’s again! My family notices that I look better, my martial arts training partners tell me how strong I am… it’s a big difference!

Breakthrough: Nice! Well, it is like a fountain of youth in here at Breakthrough! So is there anything that surprised you in your training? Something you didn’t expect to happen?

Alex: Yeah I guess just making more friends here. There is such a great group of people that come here regularly that it’s just a nice camaraderie that develops here, and that really helps. It’s nice when you come in and everyone is happy to see you, especially because most of us come here after work and we’re kind of drained already. So it’s kind of a nice lift to get through the workout and then go home and relax.

Breakthrough: We always say that training partners help you stay motivated and get you better results, so that’s great to hear! As you’ve mentioned your work schedule is crazy and unpredictable. I know there are a lot of people like you who feel like maybe they don’t have the time to exercise and take care of themselves. Any words of wisdom or advice for them?

Alex: Yes, just do it! If you’re paying for a service, that’s a motivating factor in and of itself. Because it will feel like you’re cheating yourself if you don’t come in. So half the battle is just joining. Then you’ll find that you will make the time, even if you’re not feeling great, you’ll come in and do whatever you have to do because every little bit helps. Especially these days, modern society is so sedentary that it’s more important than ever to force yourself to be active. All you have to do is look around at your friends and relatives and some of them are probably suffering through physical ailments that could be helped by being in shape.

Breakthrough: That’s really great advice – half the battle is just getting started like you said, and you will discover you can find the time if you want to. Thanks so much for sharing Alex! We really appreciate it!

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