“It felt like family.” – Read Erin’s Story!

Breakthrough Spotlight – Erin Finelli!


Our Breakthrough Spotlight for December is Erin Finelli! Erin initially joined Breakthrough because she wanted to look her best for her wedding last summer. Even though the big day is done, Erin is still focused and looking stronger than ever! She shares her secrets for staying motivated after you reach your initial goal.

Breakthrough: So, Erin, we first met you at last year’s finale party for our Drop Two Sizes Challenge. You came to support your mom… who did an amazing job in the challenge, by the way!

Erin: Yes, I came to the party to support my mom. She had been raving about the gym, so I knew I wanted to come in and check it out.

Breakthrough: And how were you feeling before you started training here?

Erin: Uh, not in shape, haha! I had my $30 membership to LA Fitness that I hardly ever used. I would pretty much only do spin classes because it was just over crowded, and the environment there didn’t make me feel like doing anything there besides that.

Breakthrough: So tell us about your turning point where you felt like it was time to do something different?

Erin: Well the incentive was my upcoming wedding!

Breakthrough: Yes, exactly!

Erin: I wanted to fit nicely into my dress. I wanted to look strong, not necessarily skinny or whatever… I wanted to look better.

Breakthrough: And you looked amazing! How did you feel on your wedding day?

Erin: I felt wonderful! I looked better than I ever could have imagined.

Breakthrough: Yay! I know right before you got married you did our 6 week Summer Sizzle Program…

Erin: Yes, and I lost one size! I went down one jean size, which was my goal, and I reached it. I actually reached it a little before the 6 weeks was up.

Breakthrough: Yeah, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in just a few weeks.

Erin: Yeah I know!

Breakthrough: So you mentioned before how important the gym atmosphere is… How the wrong environment can make you not want to show up and train. Is there anything that surprised you about the environment here when you came to Breakthrough?

Erin: It felt like a family. Everyone knew each other. Even if you don’t know names, there are always familiar faces. And always people cheering you on as you work toward your goals. That’s a big motivator for sure.

Breakthrough: Absolutely! So, sometimes when people have a big event like a wedding, it’s hard to figure out what will motivate you to keep going once that event is done. But you have been so consistent and continue to make such great achievements in your training! What’s your motivation now that the wedding is behind you? What keeps you inspired?

Erin: For one thing, I just feel better energy wise. I just feel better coming in. Like after being out for a week of being sick, I felt it – like my energy levels were down not just from being sick, but from not being here. And even for my honeymoon, I mean, being out for a month I missed it! Haha!

Breakthrough: Well, we missed you guys too!

Erin: Really I think it’s about always reaching for the next goal. If you achieve one goal, make another one and attain that! It will keep you going. I’m not going to have a wedding again, but I have other things to look forward to. I mean, I want to do a chin up, and I’m almost there!

Breakthrough: Yes! Goal setting is a powerful tool. We know you’ll reach any goal you set because you have that attitude and mindset that you can do it. We love seeing everything you accomplish! Thanks so much Erin!

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