Kati’s FitKit – Four Fast and Fun Holiday Workouts!


Kati’s FitKit

4 Fast and Fun Holiday Workouts!

Oh my gosh you guys! The holidays are here! I absolutely love all the preparations, parties, celebrations and special activities that happen this time of year, but it can be hard to fit everything in and still have time to take care of yourself. I always feel even more festive and at my best when I am able to get in at least a few training sessions each week. When I’m busy I look for workouts that are total body, fast and most importantly, FUN!

Here are a few ideas to keep you moving this holiday season, complete with videos you can reference:


1. If you’ve got just a single kettlebell and about 20 minutes, I’ve got you covered with a kettlebell complex:

Single Bell “Sleigh Bell” Complex 5 x Single Arm Row on the Left 5 x Clean on the Left 5 x Push Press on the Left 5 x Front Squat on the Left 5 x Single Arm Swing on the Left Swing switch to Right and repeat the above sequence

Repeat the complex 5 – 7 times, resting 2 minutes or so in between complexes. A complex is a sequence done without putting the bell down in between exercises, but if this is too challenging, you could certainly rest in between each exercise if you need to.

2. If you are traveling this holiday season, lots of hotels have TRX Suspension Trainers, and if you have your own, it’s lightweight and easy to pack.

TRX “Reindeer Games” 5 x each side Mountain Climber 10 x Hip Bridge + Row 5 x each side Single Leg Pistol Squat (add a jump if you like) 10 x Tricep Extensions 10 x each side Sprinter Starts

Repeat for 5 – 7 sets.  Try for minimal rest in between exercises, and rest about 2 minutes in between rounds.


3. Bodyweight workouts are perfect for when you have no equipment around or have very little space… or when you just need to quickly get off the couch and move!

“Naked Noel” – Naked as in without using a weight 5 x each side Dying Bug 3 x each side Hover Plank (try to hold a few seconds on each side) 5 x Push Ups 10 x Squats 5 x each side Single Leg Hip Hinge with Hop

Repeat 5 – 7 times, resting as needed in between sets and reps to practice perfect form. You could always modify the planks to be regular elbow planks, bring your push ups to an incline, and take the hop out of the single leg hip hinge if you need a less challenging version.

4. When you need to move, but also want to take it down a notch, here is this month’s mobility practice. With all of that online holiday shopping we’ve all been doing, this one is total body, but with a focus on wrists, hands and elbows.

Wrist & Elbow “Winter Love” Use your therapy balls to roll out your tricep, forearm and hand. Finger circles Barbie Doll Hands Pranic Bath Standing Cat/Cow Push/Pull Lateral Lunge Walking Knee Hugs Quadruped Rocks 4 ways Half Kneeling Hip Flexor with Tricep Stretch Plank to Down Dog Dancing with Myself Supine Knee to Chest on Block Wall Pigeon End with 10 deep, restful breaths.

All exercises are 10 reps or 10 deep breaths. Perform this sequence just one time through as a great way to start or end your day, or reset yourself at anytime!

Strength, Love and Holiday Blessings,


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