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Hope is in my Hands


While Breakthrough’s physical location remains closed, we’ve never been so grateful for the technology we have to keep in contact with everyone! We’ve been doing Zoom coaching sessions, as well as live classes 6 days a week, and it’s such a blessing to be able to connect in this way! But of course all this typing, scrolling and hunching over screens does have a downside in terms of our posture, and how our hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders feel.

Last Friday our live streamed Gentle Yoga Class focused on self massage for the hands and forearms using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (but you could use a tennis ball if you don’t have YTU Balls). The physical practice was centered around poses and mobility drills for the entire arm from fingers to shoulders, as well as some upper back opening. A great way to reset after holding phones and sitting at computers!

I also discussed finding a connection to Hope in these uncertain times, and the yogic concept of Aparigraha, which is often translated as “non-attachment”. Typically when we think of non-attachment, most of us think of physical possessions and not being greedy. But another way we can interpret this is not being attached to past experiences, or future outcomes. Right now, we are all probably experiencing some sense of missing “the way things were before”, as well as concern over what lies ahead. These can be very uncomfortable feelings and can leave us with a sense of hopelessness.


I’ve found that when I spend some time with Aparigraha, I feel more hopeful. For me this means finding joy in the actions I am taking, rather than being attached to what I think the results of those actions might be. Finding purpose in being of service, rather than being attached to how someone might receive or respond to my efforts. Letting the journey itself be its own reward rather than being attached to an end destination. Because the truth is there are no guarantees that our labors will yield the fruits we think we desire. You could bake a cake with all the right ingredients only to have your oven die before you get to taste your masterpiece… or there could be a global pandemic that changes literally everything overnight.

I know this isn’t a very comfortable concept to think about, but I’ve found that when I can detach from expectations of what the future owes me, and let go of clinging to the past, I give myself a tremendous gift… the gift of being… of living in the moment… and of hope.

You can access this full hour long class here – with lots of upper body opening and a meditation to help you connect to Hope. Since it’s a live class filmed at home, there is also the joy of co-existing with cats

Strength, love and hope!


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