Lose Weight, Get Strong, Feel Awesome – Nathan’s Spotlight!

January 2nd 2016 –

“Because I feel better about myself and I feel I’m in better shape, I do better in all aspects of life.”

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Breakthrough Spotlight – Nathan Davidson

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Breakthrough Spotlight: Nathan Davidson

Nathan Davidson is our Breakthrough Spotlight for January! Not only has he totally conquered his weight loss goal, he is also never one to back down from taking on new fitness challenges. His eagerness to jump into each new task with two feet is an inspiration to us, and why we wanted to share his story to kick off 2016!

Breakthrough: We’re here today with young Nathan Davidson, who comes from a family of athletes. Your brother was a record breaking athlete in his youth, if I’m not mistaken, and your mother is an amazing athlete and trains with us and does workouts that would put many young athletes to shame, and she’s very humble about it! But she’s actually the reason you found us, is that correct?

Nathan: That’s correct! She realized you were moving about a mile away from where I live in Canoga Park and for months she kept telling me “you gotta see coach Caleb, he’ll change your life,” and eventually I came in. I had received a flyer in the mail for your grand opening and I thought “alright, there’s no excuse not to go!”

Breakthrough: Now’s the time! And now you often come three or more times a week sometimes to train as well. You’re in both Semi-Private Training and you’re an avid Breakthrough Boxer as well.

Nathan: Yes yes, I think a month or so after I started, I started going to the Jeet Kune Do classes, which has been really different. I’ve never done any martial arts or self defense courses, and so at first I felt, the first day I felt a little bit like a fish out of water but I was already then sort of getting the groove, I think because I watch a lot of boxing.

Breakthrough: Well I was going to say, although you had never practiced, you were a very knowledgable fan of the sport so you knew exactly what we were doing right away, so you didn’t look like a fish out of water on day one! You looked like you knew what you were doing, so you were off to a good start!

Nathan: Yeah, and you know like everything here, it’s a lot of fun and I think the reason people keep coming back is because it’s fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore to come, it feels like something kind of fun and interesting and unique to do after a full day of work.

Breakthrough: Yeah! I find for me personally, my training sessions are one of the best parts of my day, so I want to make it that for everyone else, so it’s very awesome to hear you say that! Another thing, when you joined you had a weight loss goal in mind, and I believe we have hit that target! It was twenty pounds you were trying to lose?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah I’ve lost 20 pounds since I began and you know, I had been struggling to lose weight for a long time. I have a job in publishing, I’m an editor, so I’m sitting down all day in meetings, or on my computer. It’s very sedentary. So I would go running and I would try to do different things but it wouldn’t be consistent and I would sort of fall off after a few months. But coming here as sort of a regular regimen, I have been able to drop about 20 pounds so far.

Breakthrough: Amazing! And you’re so much stronger is the thing that I see. Every time we train I feel like especially now that you’re really deep into your programming – you’re doing the power lifts, so you’re bench pressing, you’re squatting and you’re deadlifting and you’re able to hit every target every week and it doesn’t even yet seem particularly difficult for you. You’re progressing very nicely. Does it feel like you’re stronger?

Nathan: Oh it definitely does! I mean, I feel like I have more energy, and like I have more strength and more endurance. I don’t get fatigued as quickly as I used to. And you know it’s sort of incremental and gradual here, so as each of the programming phases begin, when I start the phase it’s really challenging but by the end of the phase I feel like I’m able to nail it pretty well and I feel like I’m ready to go onto the next phase.

Breakthrough: Yeah! Well and as you’ve progressed, those phases have gotten more challenging, but each time by the end of it you seem to have owned it, and you’re ready to move on, which is really great. So I think that probably in the New Year you can consider some new goals like the Tactical Strength Challenge, or some powerlifting, you’d be up for that sort of thing?

Nathan: Yeah definitely! I mean I think I’ve reached my weight loss goal so far, my initial goals, so I think for the New Year I want to set new goals for myself and I feel like I have a really good foundation. If you had asked me when I started if I could do a powerlifting meet or something, I would have said “no way,” but now I feel like I can. I feel motivated to continue to build strength.

Breakthrough: Is there any more that you’d like to say – particular highlights that you enjoy in your training, or stuff that you’d like to share?

Nathan: Sure! Well, I like working out with everyone here, it’s a very positive environment. I have an extremely stressful job. So this has helped me get through the day at my job, and be more focused at work, and get more done during the day. Because I feel better about myself and I feel I’m in better shape, I do better in all aspects of life, so that’s really helped me. And people have been noticing that I look different and that’s encouraging.

Breakthrough: That’s a plus for sure!

Nathan: And so every phase is different and I’m constantly learning new things which is fun and keeps things interesting.

Breakthrough: Well that’s awesome! And everyone obviously loves having you as a training partner! The evening time slot is all the better for you being in it so thank you very much! And thank you for talking with us today, I can’t wait for 2016 and more awesome stuff you will accomplish!

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