New Year’s Gift

The clock is counting down the last few moments of 2022, and the days are already getting longer instead of shorter. Whether or not you’ll be clinking glasses and making resolutions, there is a certain energy this time of year that tells us that something is shifting.

One of the beautiful things about the end of the year is the opportunity to embrace the duality of the season. On one hand we have holidays, parties, celebrations, joy and festivities. On the other, we have an instinctive need to retreat a bit, cozy up at home, and reflect. Unfortunately our busy lives and the expectations of the modern world don’t always make the latter easy.

Before you launch yourself head first into the New Year, give yourself the gift of pressing pause even for a few moments. Find some solitude and quiet, and let yourself not only be inspired by changes and new directions, but also reflect on lessons you are learning. Give yourself credit for accomplishments and things going well. Be resolved to welcome in what lights you up from the inside out, and be willing to let go of things that don’t. Pause that you might hear your own voice, and know yourself better.


If the idea of sitting still and meditating seems impossible, you could try journalling or taking a hike or walk somewhere in nature that isn’t very populated. Sit and watch the sunrise or sunset, or stroll along the beach and watch the waves. Try doing a rollout or mobility practice by yourself, or listening to some music that relaxes you.

It doesn’t have to happen before January 1st if you can’t find the time to slow down today. The New Year kicks off in the dead of winter, months before signs of new life pop up in spring, and there is plenty of time for introspection in the colder months (even in Los Angeles). We are so grateful for the moments we’ve been able to pause this holiday season, as we prepare for another New Year and all the wonderful things it will bring!

In Strength & Love,

Kati and Caleb


PS – A few weeks ago, we shared a meditation song called “Winter Song” during Savasana in our yoga class. We decided to record and share it to help support a moment to “press pause”. You could use it at the beginning or end of a meditation practice. You can check it out on our new YouTube channel, along with a couple of other guided meditations!

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