Run Strong – Strength and Stretching for Runners



Run Strong: Strength & Stretching for Runners

As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to fall, runners in Los Angeles start their preparations for the LA Marathon in March. If you’ll be joining them, you need to join us at our FREE Seminar: Run Strong – Strength and Stretching for Runners, at Breakthrough Strength & Fitness on Saturday November 5, from 1 – 2:30pm.

When preparing for a race, some runners make the mistake of focusing only on getting their miles in. Including strength training and mobility work is an absolute must if you want to perform your best, prevent injuries and recover quickly after your race!

Breakthrough member Shannon started training with us shortly after completing her first marathon to raise money for Angel City Pit Bulls in 2015. One of her training goals was to improve her performance and recovery for her second marathon in 2016. Here’s what Shannon has to say about including strength training in her marathon prep:

“Endurance runs such as marathons require much more than lower body strength and training. Adding strength training that targeted all of my muscle groups last year not only gave me more muscle power to pull from during the long race (who knew you could use your lats when you run?!) but I also found that I had less soreness in the days after the marathon, and my recovery time compared to the year before was significantly reduced.”

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