Set a goal, get RESULTS!

Set a goal, get RESULTS!

Have you set some fitness goals for 2017? Sure, most people want to lose wheight or tone up, but what do you want to accomplish in your training?


When you set specific goals that go beyond just an appearance related goal or a number on your scale, you are much more likely to not only stay motivated, but you will actually get better results! For example, if you have a goal to be able to do a strict pull up, that’s a great motivator to stay focused on a weight loss goal, knowing that a pull up will only get easier as you get closer to your target bodyweight. Even better if you have a specific date on the calendar for when you will have that pull up! Or maybe you’d like to run a 5 or 10K for the first time, or improve your time from last year… Maybe you’d like to see what your max deadlift is… Maybe plan a backpacking trip for this summer…

We’ve seen people accomplish amazing things when they have a goal, set a date, and commit themselves to putting in the effort. Here are a few cool things coming up at Breakthrough that can help switch the focus from how you LOOK, to what you can DO – and that’s a pretty powerful thing!!


StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday 4/8- training begins 2/6: The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is an international event put on by StrongFirst, hosted at gyms all over the world, including Breakthrough!

The TSC consists of 3 events:

  1. Test your absolute strength with 3 attempts to lift your max in the barbell deadlift

  2. Test your bodyweight strength by seeing how many tactical pull ups you can do in a row (or a flexed arm hang for time for the ladies)

  3. Test your cardiovascular strength to see how many kettlebell snatches you can perform in 5 minutes

Join the Breakthrough TSC Team and we will teach you proper technique, and design you a 9 week program to have you ready to break your own personal records on the day of the Challenge! The TSC will take place on Saturday April 8, and training begins Monday February 6! This Challenge is open to both members and non-members of Breakthrough.

All TSC Team members will receive:

  1. Training with the ONLY gym in the San Fernando Valley to have both StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructors and Barbell Instructors

  2. Access to our Semi-private training sessions at Breakthrough

  3. A program designed to help you perform your best at the TSC

  4. A special, TSC Team ONLY training session once per week

  5. A party following the Challenge on 4/8 for you to celebrate with your teammates, family and friends!

Breakthrough members can enroll on our sign up sheet in the gym. If you are not a Breakthrough member and are interested in joining our TSC Team – we’d love to have you! Contact us with any questions, or set up a complimentary consultation to see if the TSC is right for you!



5K/10K on Saturday 4/22 – training begins 3/13: Breakthrough will be having a team for the “Victory for Victims” Center for Assault Treatment Services 5K/10K Run/Walk at Woodley Park in Lake Balboa on Saturday 4/22. Whether you are a gym member or not, we’d love to have you on our team! You can sign up here and select “Breakthrough Strength & Fitness” as your team. When you register for our team we will send you a FREE 6 week race training program!


“Starbucks” Challenge: If competitions and races aren’t your thing, you can still challenge yourself to set a few strength goals! To give you a few ideas, we have set up our “Starbucks” Challenge which includes basic strength requirements for things like push ups, pull ups / hangs, squats etc. We have three levels of challenge – “tall” to start out with, “grande” for a medium sized challenge, and “venti” when you are ready to take it to the next level! We will have charts that explain the requirements of each level, as well as cards for you to check off when you complete each requirement. When you fill up your card, we will treat you to a Starbucks beverage corresponding to the level of challenge you completed. This challenge is for Breakthrough members only, and we will be happy to explain the requirements for each level starting next week!

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