Stretchy and Strong is Back! – Learn mobility skills to supercharge your fitness results!



Picture yourself moving with grace and ease… feeling less stiffness in your joints and muscles… enjoying better movement quality in your training and daily life…

Don’t miss our “Stretchy and Strong” Flexibility Seminar on Saturday October 22 from 1-3pm! Those who attended our last flexibility seminar loved it so much, they begged us to do it again! And those who missed it have been waiting for their chance to get in on the fun!

For optimal results and safety, all fitness routines need to be built on a foundation of good mobility. Whether your goal is to burn fat or lift bigger, increasing your flexibility will help – just imagine how much more you could get out of your training with movement that is free and easy instead of stiff and strained!

We will work on beginning level mobility drills you can use to feel great everyday, as well as techniques for more advanced flexibility skills. Don’t be scared away thinking that if you aren’t already flexible you won’t be able to participate – this is your chance to learn valuable tools to help you practice and gain better flexibility. From those who never stretch at all, to dedicated yogis, this seminar will have something for everyone!

Join us Saturday October 22 from 1-3pm and we will teach you:

* How to balance tension and relaxation when stretching * Flexible Steel’s “Three S’s” – the secret recipe you can use to supercharge your mobility work * How strength and flexibility work together for optimal fitness results

Breakthrough is the ONLY gym in the San Fernando Valley with Flexible Steel Certified Instructors… and the ONLY gym where you will find a seminar like this! The cost to attend is only $47 for members and $77 for non-members.

Contact us today at for more info and to reserve your spot!

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