Stretchy and Strong Seminar

Stretchy and Strong Seminar


To move and feel your best you need to be both flexible and strong.  Join us for our Advanced Flexibility – “Stretchy and Strong” Seminar!

Are your joints creaking more than they used to when you wake up in the mornings? Do you wonder if lack of flexibility might be holding you back from reaching your fitness goals? Do you remember being able to do the splits when you were a kid and wish you could do them again? Or maybe you have always wanted to try more advanced flexibility feats but aren’t sure how to begin?

If so, then you need to be at our Advanced Flexibility – “Stretchy and Strong” Seminar on Saturday July 9 from 1-3pm!

For optimal results and safety, all fitness routines need to be built on a foundation of good mobility. As Functional Movement Specialists here at Breakthrough, we firmly believe FMS founder Gray Cook’s quote that people must “First move well, then move often”. Whether your goal is to burn fat or lift bigger, increasing your flexibility will help – just imagine how much more you could get out of your training with movement that is free and easy instead of stiff and strained!

And when it comes to more advanced flexibility skills like splits and backbends, we have to admit, it’s just plain fun to feel like a stretchy super hero! Being able to conquer a flexibility feat is just as satisfying as setting a new strength personal record!


Of course, the approach you take to mobility matters. Too often flexibility training either takes too long to see results, or is done in a way that can cause over-stretching injuries and weakness. So when Caleb and I had the opportunity to learn from one of our mentors Master Jon Engum last March, we jumped at the chance to attend his Flexible Steel Instructor Certification! We were already using many of these techniques with our Breakthrough members, and we learned even better ways to make flexibility training more accessible, and with faster results!

The proof is in the pudding… I decided to use a backbend as my measure for progress during the course. I took a photo at the beginning and end of the day, and the results are pretty awesome – especially considering we didn’t work specifically on backbends! Some of you might be thinking “Oh no way! I’m not doing backbends!” And you might be right that backbends might be too much for you. Lot’s of people used things like squats and toe touches as their measure for progress – so if you are someone who struggles with touching your toes, how great would it be to get that toe touch feeling better!

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Join us for our Advanced Flexibility – “Stretchy and Strong” Seminar on Saturday July 9 from 1-3pm.

We will work on mobility drills you can use to feel great everyday, as well as techniques to practice for advanced flexibility skills like splits and backbends. Join us and we will teach you:

  1. How to balance tension and relaxation when stretching

  2. Flexible Steel’s “Three S’s” – the secret recipe you can use to supercharge your mobility work

  3. How strength and flexibility work together for optimal fitness results

You won’t find a workshop like this anywhere but Breakthrough because we are the ONLY gym in the San Fernando Valley with Flexible Steel Instructors! Don’t miss it! The cost to attend is only $47 for members and $77 for non-members. Contact us today for more info and to reserve your spot!

Stretchy Strength & Love – Kati

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