The Tactical Strength Challenge is Back!

The Tactical Strength Challenge is Back!

Twice a year, Breakthrough Strength & Fitness is proud to host the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge! The next TSC will be taking place Saturday October 28th, and we will begin our TSC Team training the week of August 28th.

Having an event to prepare for brings a focus to your training that yields big results! Training in a supportive and fun environment with others working as a team builds camaraderie, and a sense of something bigger than yourself! In the StrongFirst community we have a saying – “Strength has a greater purpose” – the TSC is a great way to show yourself how much you are truly capable of!

The Tactical Strength Challenge consists of 3 events:

  1. Test your absolute strength in 3 attempts to lift your max in the deadlift

  2. Test your bodyweight strength by seeing how many tactical pull ups you can do in a row (or a flexed arm hang for time for the ladies)

  3. Test your cardiovascular strength to see how many kettlebell snatches you can get in 5 minutes.


Join the Breakthrough TSC Team and we will teach you proper technique, and design you a 9 week program to have you ready to break your own personal records on the day of the Challenge!

All TSC Team members will receive:

  1. Training at the ONLY gym in the San Fernando Valley to have both StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructors and Barbell Instructors

  2. Access to coaching and training sessions at Breakthrough

  3. A program designed to help you perform your best at the TSC

  4. A special, TSC Team ONLY training session once per week

  5. A party following the Challenge on 10/28 for you to celebrate with your teammates, family and friends!

The Tactical Strength Challenge is open to both members and non-members! Breakthrough members can enroll on our sign up sheet in the gym.  If you are not a Breakthrough member and are interested in joining our TSC Team – we’d love to have you! Contact us with any questions, or set up a complimentary consultation to see if the TSC is right for you!  You must also register with StrongFirst – sign up by 8/15 and you will get a t-shirt with your registration.

Training begins 8/28 – we can’t wait to celebrate your strength!

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