Total Kitchen Chaos

The time was mid-March 2020. The location was anyone and everyone’s kitchen. The vibe was total chaos.

If you think back to a little over a year ago, chances are some sort of switch happened with what you were eating as quarantine began… eating whatever we wanted because we may as well if this is the "end of days"… reaching for “comfort foods”… or too stressed out to eat at all. At our house we cycled through pretty much all of it at first, just like everyone else. After the first couple months, we realized we had to gain some control back over our nutrition, so we got back to cooking some of our favorite recipes and started feeling better throughout last summer. We were feeling hopeful – the gym was opening again, and this pandemic was surely about to wrap itself up! And then of course, it didn’t.

Throughout this unprecedented time, we have done whatever we could to help our members keep training. It’s been amazing to see people keep going despite all the challenges we’ve faced, and to know how much of a difference regular exercise makes to our mental and physical health. As the New Year began, and we approached the year anniversary of the quarantine, we listened to what many of our members were talking about and needing help with. At the start of the year we offered a 6 week Program (The Phoenix Project) designed to help us reconnect with our own inner power, and self-care and mindset strategies.


Listening and interacting with our members and community now, Caleb and I have been getting the clear sense that the next piece of the puzzle to focus on is nutrition. People have been telling us they are in a rut, or they just need things to be easier, or they know what to do but just can’t seem to do it. The truth is, we totally understand and relate to all of that, and we feel the same things right now!!

So we bounced around several different ideas, from higher cost programs, to extra coaching meetings like challenges we’ve done in the past, to meal delivery services. In the end, we realized that the best way we could do this right now is by doing it together, and trying to get as many people involved as possible. We’ve gotten through a challenging year with the support of our community. And now as things are opening up again, we can continue to rely on each other’s support to help us all live our best lives possible – the way we always have at Breakthrough!

Our May Metabolism Makeover is the perfect solution for us all to come together and get out of “Total Kitchen Chaos”. We will take 4 weeks beginning May 2nd through May 29th to laser focus on nutrition as a team! Whether you have weight loss goals, want to have more energy, have no idea what to do in the kitchen, just need some new recipe inspiration, want some hacks to simplify your food prep, know what to do and just need support to do it, or you are a super-chef who has lots of ideas to share – we all have something to gain by participating, and something to share that might help someone else.

If you just need a little kickstart to get inspired, you can join the Makeover for zero cost and get a week’s sample menu, pick an accountability teammate, and share successes/ideas/challenges on our “Shout Out Sheets” in the gym. If you want more support and info, you can join for just $49 and get lots more! I’ll be sharing my meal plans, recipes and grocery lists for each week, as well as alternatives for different food preferences. We will also have a separate private Facebook Group to share ideas, ask questions, and stay connected.

If you’re not yet a Breakthrough member, but this sounds like something you could use, just email me and I’ll send you the sample week meal plan! Or if you feel like you’re ready for more, now is a great time to check us out. We will credit your initial investment toward joining the Makeover for anyone who becomes a member before we get started on 5/2!

Whether it’s training, mindset, nutrition, or whatever comes our way, one thing is for sure – we are stronger together!

Strength & Love,


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