Vanessa’s Spotlight

Our Breakthrough Spotlight for January is Vanessa Schacter. Vanessa shares about finding physical, mental and emotional strength during a challenging last year – as well as how training in the gym carries over into strength outside!


BREAKTHROUGH: Thank you, Vanessa, for being our spotlight member for January – the first person of the new year!


BREAKTHROUGH: I just wanted to chat with you a little bit about what has been keeping you motivated during these crazy, crazy times. You have been super dedicated to your training – you even did our Breakthrough Strength Challenge in October! But what brought you through our door in the first place? What got you started?

VANESSA: I came to Breakthrough because I had been working out at all of the chain gyms and, every single time, I would start a new program, I would get injured. So, I was looking for something with coaches who knew how to work out effectively with people with small injuries.


VANESSA: And that is how I found you!

BREAKTHROUGH: And it’s been over a year now…

VANESSA: Yes. Previously I would give up because I would feel like I was going to get injured. But here, training with you guys, I completely trust everything that we do, and I am much stronger than I have ever been.

BREAKTHROUGH: Awesome! First and foremost, we have to do no harm. We all have little things going on from time to time, but we have to make sure as much as we can that your training is going to make things worse – hopefully better!

VANESSA: So, that is what brought me to Breakthrough. Training without getting injured, but in a way that could also push me.

BREAKTHROUGH: And you have done some really amazing stuff! Speaking of, going back to the BSC that we did in October, you accomplished some things with the challenge that I think maybe were a little surprising to you. Like your presses – you got double 12’s…


BREAKTHROUGH: How did you feel about that? How did you feel about the challenge?

VANESSA: It was very – I definitely was afraid to do the challenges before, but then coming back after the COVID closure, I just felt like I wanted to do something to push me. Everyone here is so supportive so I felt like I could do it. And I did!

BREAKTHROUGH: Yes, you did. It was great! I know that sometimes we can feel tentative, especially if we’ve had past injuries. We aren’t sure if we can push ourselves or how it feels to trust that…

VANESSA: Exactly!

BREAKTHROUGH: But you built some trust.

VANESSA: I did! I love the workouts; I love the people! It was really a great experience! Really, really great!


BREAKTHROUGH: Yay! So good! You have been awesome about staying on track through these crazy past nine months that we’ve had. So, what’s been your why? What has kept you going?

VANESSA: I think my why is, during this time, I’ve started to focus more on the things that I need. And even when I don’t want to come or I feel like maybe I don’t want to work out today, I just know that when I leave here, I will feel 110% better, and I do. It’s not only that I feel physically stronger, it’s mentally and emotionally, I just feel so much better. After I leave here, I feel like I have a spring in my step and sometimes before I walk in, I don’t.


VANESSA: Another big thing was last year when we went on vacation, I wanted to get a lot stronger. And I was going to be in a bathing suit for a week so… But I couldn’t believe how strong I was. Pulling myself up and down off boats… Like the amount of strength that I was able to get just working out here was amazing!

BREAKTHROUGH: Yes, that is amazing!

VANESSA: It was! I kept up with all the kids!

BREAKTHROUGH: You know, that is what it‘s all about. We can do cool stuff in the gym, but it really is supposed to make your life outside the gym that much more awesome!

VANESSA: It was great! Like I came and I thought, let’s workout hard so I look good but, actually, physically, it was incredible how strong I was.

BREAKTHROUGH: Yeah! That is a win-win! Looking good and feeling good!

VANESSA: Exactly! It was amazing!

BREAKTHROUGH: Well, I love that why! And I love those connections of noticing how you feel; it’s not just about how you look.

VANESSA: Thank you so much for continuing to push me and for providing such a great program. There is so much that you can do, and I didn’t even realize what was possible.

BREAKTHROUGH: Yeah, the sky is the limit and we are just getting started.

VANESSA: It is! Especially at Breakthrough, right!

BREAKTHROUGH: Right! Well, thank you so much, Vanessa!

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