Weekly News: Breakthrough Spotlight!

July 11th 2015 – Breakthrough Spotlight – Kendall Childs

Breakthrough Spotlight: Kendall Childs

Weekly News: Breakthrough Spotlight!

This month’s Breakthrough Spotlight is Kendall Childs!!

Kendall exemplifies the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”       Having recently encountered a speed bump with an injury, Kendall’s excellent “can do” attitude towards recovery and continued training is why we wanted to share her story this month.

We sat down with Kendall after one of her semi-private sessions to ask her a few questions about her training.

Breakthrough: So I’m here with Kendall, who is our Breakthrough Spotlight for July. We are super excited to have you sitting down with us today Kendall, because a few weeks ago we were talking and you were saying you had lost some weight, and everything was going good. So what have you lost and where are you with your goals?

Kendall: I have lost 11 pounds since February when my doctor weighed me. I was depressed because I had gained back some of the weight that I had lost before, because it has been a very stressful school year and I’m an emotional eater. And then my nutritionist who is also my acupuncturist said “we’re going to try this nutrition plan”… and it helps because Marc is also on the same plan.

Breakthrough: Right, strength in numbers, when you’re doing things together it always helps.

Kendall: Right, I was surprised that I had lost the 11 pounds since it was such a stressful Spring, but the increase in exercise and cutting out things like potato chips at lunch, and not having sandwiches everyday for lunch, and being a little more creative with my lunch, and cutting out the useless, refined carbs. It’s ok for the 4th of July or whatever, but not everyday. So I am 9 pounds away from hitting my goal of losing 20 pounds by the end of summer.

Breakthrough: Awesome! So everything was going great, you were excited and on track with your goals, and then… life happens, and a couple of weeks ago you hurt your foot!

Kendall: I hurt my foot… I stepped on the threshold between the linoleum and the hardwood, and the long bones in my foot dislodged which are now pressing against my heel in the left foot and are causing a grinding in my foot. Last week was tough because I just sat around with my foot up, icing it three times a day and taking ibuprofen. It’s kind of a bummer because I was planning to up my exercise to four times a week, putting in one more extra day because I know that one extra day of exercise will help me get to my goal of losing those 9 pounds a lot faster, as well as eating fruits and vegetables and protein, while still staying away from white stuff like bread, pasta, things like that. And I didn’t get emotional about it and didn’t binge eat, which is a good thing.

Breakthrough: And then what you did, which I love, is you rested and followed the doctors orders, and then as soon as you were cleared to exercise, instead of throwing in the towel because you couldn’t go back to the same routine, you said “here is what I can and can’t do,” and you showed up and made it happen. A lot of people give up and say “I’m hurt, I can’t do anything, oh well,” but you didn’t do that and that to me is super inspirational and I wanted that to be shared with other people. Don’t throw in the towel people! Injuries happen, but there are often many things you can still do while you are healing so you don’t have to stop completely. And, Kendall you can feel that because you just finished a training session, so even though we weren’t standing and doing a lot of what you usually do- swings, squats and all that stuff- we were doing abs, and overhead things even though you were sitting for some of it.

Kendall: Yeah, I’m still burning calories and making progress, tonight was a lot easier than Monday night after being off of my legs for a week, but it wasn’t as tough as it was starting back into exercising four years ago. Even though for most of my life I was very, very active, before I had my car accident that kind of slowed me down, it took me a long time to find some exercise that I could stay with that didn’t cause me more problems than I had. What helps is that I do have personal trainers, that was the key. Before I got injured, doing exercise tapes was fine because I wasn’t hurt, but the difference is when you’re taking a ballet class, someone’s correcting you, in a tape you don’t have that. What has really helped is having A.) a personal trainer and B.) having training partners, like your mom, for the past three years, and now although I still train with Joyce, I also train with Marc now. The accountability keeps you going, whereas with a tape it’s easy to give up and not start it at all.

Breakthrough: Which is why it’s so great, when you got injured you didn’t lose momentum. You took the week off that you were told to rest, and when you could, you jumped back in! And that’s exactly what you should do, and it’s awesome.

Kendall: And plus, my boredom threshold was getting to me, I had to get out of the house!

Breakthrough: And like you said about accountability, you’ve got your training partners there that want to work out with you saying “where’s Kendall, we want her back in the gym training!” It makes a big difference!

Kendall: It does, it really does.

Breakthrough: Fantastic! We’re going to make your goals happen this summer, get you back on your feet as soon as you’re ready and take it from there! Thanks so much for sharing your story Kendall!

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