Weekly News – Breakthrough Spotlight!

Breakthrough Spotlight: Edgar “The Eagle” Joaquin

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Weekly News: Breakthrough Spotlight!

This months Breakthrough Spotlight is Edgar Joaquin!! Edgar started mere months ago, just before we moved into our new commercial space, and has already accomplished so much. His open mind, “up-for-anything” attitude and willingness to work hard is why he is May’s Breakthrough Spotlight! We sat down with Edgar after one of his semi-private sessions to ask him a few questions about his training. Breakthrough: So what is your fitness and training background? Edgar: I had done independent gym training for a few years before starting at Breakthrough, and have since cancelled my old gym membership, which is something I never thought I would do. I had a workout plan that I followed but didn’t make much progress in the years I went. I enjoyed going to the gym, but now I enjoy going here more; we have more variety and I’m actually making quicker gains than what I used to. Breakthrough: That’s so great to hear! How long have you been training with Kati and Caleb? Edgar: I started with Kati and Caleb just a couple months ago, when they were still Valley Kettlebells, just before they moved. Breakthrough: What have you noticed that sets your training at Breakthrough apart from your prior training? Edgar: I think that the way they perfect your form directly correlates with your improvement. Technique is always important but it’s never been stressed as much as it’s been stressed here, and I’ve noticed a difference because of it. Breakthrough: Have you had a fitness/technique “aha!” moment since training at Breakthrough?

Edgar: Yeah, I think that they kind of model the body as an ‘x’ and I’ve never thought about it like that, I always kind of used my upper body strength to do most of my workouts but here my “aha!” moment was realizing that I have to use my legs and core for everything.

Breakthrough: One of your goals is to increase in lean muscle mass. Do you feel that has already started happening since you’ve been training here?

Edgar: Yes, I’ve actually gained mored lean muscle since I’ve started working out here, especially in the leg and core region which is an area that I never did before.

Breakthrough: Fantastic! We’re so glad that your training is going well and can’t wait to celebrate even more feats of strength and skill you will soon accomplish.

Eddie “The Eagle” Joaquin is a true inspiration to those who have the pleasure to train with him and is sure to be setting some new goals as he smashes through his current ones in short order!

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