Weekly News – Breakthrough Spotlight: Follow Up

September 19 2015 – Breakthrough Spotlight – Follow Up: Katherine Geeslin


  1. When Kati and Caleb are away, Coach R.T. will play! We are very lucky to know a talented coach who has a similar training background as our Breakthrough coaches. Coach R.T. will be covering some training sessions in the near future when Caleb and Kati have to be away from the gym, and we know you are going to love him!For those of you who don’t know R.T., here is a bit more about him! Specializing in strength and conditioning for athletes at all stages; from early development to top competition levels, R.T. uses kettlebells for movement education with clients of all age groups. With a solid 15 year background as a first rate baseball player, R.T. provides field-tested perspective from the young athlete’s career path. He holds a BAS in Kinesiology from the California State University of Northridge. R.T. is a StrongFirst (SFG) Level 1 certified trainer, Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS), and a certified TRX instructor.



Breakthrough Spotlight Follow Up:

Katherine Geeslin

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Weekly News: Breakthrough Spotlight – Follow Up

Breakthrough: We’re back here with Katherine who is our Breakthrough Spotlight for September and we’re just following up because now the Avon Walk is done and we want to know how it went and what happened?!

Katherine: It was spectacular! The compliment that I got most over the weekend was, “I can’t believe how strong you are.” So thank you, my yoga instructor extraordinaire for getting me in such good shape.

Breakthrough: Yay we love that! Well, I can believe how strong you are because I see it all the time, and you’re definitely an inspiration to us all!

Katherine: Well it was two weeks after my last chemo when we did the walk and I felt stronger than I did last year when I had not had chemo.

Breakthrough: Wow, well why do you think that is? Just mindset? And it means more to you now?

Katherine: I think mindset, and also, if I wasn’t a believer in yoga before, I am such a believer in yoga now. It’s just a couple of days after walking 39 miles and I feel limber and flexible and not sore and I totally credit yoga.

Breakthrough: Awesome! So then you did some yoga after day one of the walk?

Katherine: Oh, I did yoga the whole weekend! I did yoga at 5am on the morning of the first day, I made my friends do yoga with me right after we finished, then did yoga the second day before we started walking and some more yoga when I got home.

Breakthrough: Oh my gosh, so then you came in here today saying “no I’m not really sore, I feel that I walked,” but I think that a lot of people would be really feeling it…

Katherine: I feel like I could do it again next weekend, bring it on!

Breakthrough: Wow, well uhm, don’t! Take a weekend, at least one weekend off and give yourself a rest! But that’s fantastic. I also wanted to say thank you to our friends at Fleurish because when you got home, the flowers that were waiting for you were donated by them! They opened up their location at The Village this week, so now we’re neighbors! We were going to buy you something but they wanted to donate that to you, so it was a gift from them!

Katherine: That was so sweet, I got home after my first day back from work, got home after a long day, and there was a knock at the door and there was a gorgeous bouquet. So gorgeous, hydrangeas and roses and some flowers that I don’t know the names of! But its gorgeous and came in a cute little box, I like the box as much as I like the flowers, awesome presentation!

Breakthrough: Yeah! And you can do DIY there too, next time there’s a girls night you could do DIY flowers!

Katherine: Yeah, make a bouquet or a flower crown! I could make a flower crown for my next walk!

Breakthrough: There you go! Well thank you for being an inspiration to us all and showing us how it’s done regardless of what you’re going through in life, just get the thing done!

Katherine: Can I give one more shoutout to everyone who came to the Community Yoga and Meditation Event, because that $600 put us over the top for my team to be able to fully participate, so thank you to everyone who came and everyone who couldn’t come and donated anyways. What a great evening and thank you guys at Breakthrough.

Breakthrough: Of course, gratitude all around!



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