Weekly News: FREE EVENT – “The Way You Move Matters”

September 12th 2015 Weekly News: FREE EVENT – “The Way you Move Matters!”


  1. To all our Breakthrough Boxers! The Cold Steel Challenge is rapidly approaching, and will take place Saturday 9/26. If you would like to compete in the Cold Steel Challenge, be sure to get your equipment in order! Here’s a link to the official website.

  2. There has been a schedule change! We have removed the 6am group classes to open up additional time slots for Semi-Private sessions. Here is the new class schedule which also now displays all of our Semi-Private time slots as well.

  3. For those competing in the TSC who want to be part of the official StrongFirst Challenge, make sure to register by September 19th to get your t-shirt!


FREE EVENT – “The Way you Move Matters!” – Come experience a powerful tool for learning about quality movement and unlocking your athletic potential from the West Valley’s ONLY Certified Functional Movement Specialists!


Let’s face it – we have all run into roadblocks when it comes to moving and feeling our best. Maybe you have hit a weight loss plateau… maybe your golf game isn’t what it once was… or perhaps you have experienced an injury that has set your training back and you’re not sure how it happened… maybe you aren’t even doing a formal exercise program, but you’ve noticed recreational activities like hiking or biking feel limited… Chances are, there are restrictions in how you move that are holding you back.

What if there was a way to make your workouts more effective, get better results in your training and athletic pursuits, and reduce your risk of injury? Good news – there is!

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) is a program created by Gray Cook and Lee Burton in 1995, that is being used by professional sports teams (including the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers), the US Military, university sports teams, as well as hospitals and rehab centers. FMS is a tool that allows us to assess movement quality, and identify asymmetries and movement limitations – things that are essential to reducing injury risk and increasing performance in training.

Here at Breakthrough, we use Functional Movement Systems as the foundation for creating our clients’ programs, and we are the ONLY gym in the west San Fernando Valley with Certified FMS Trainers! We want to share this powerful tool with as many people as we can, so we are having a FREE event on Saturday October 10th from 12:30-2pm, that is open not only to our current members, but to absolutely EVERYONE interested in moving and feeling better!

         Join us Saturday 10/10 from 12:30-2pm and you will:

  1. Participate in a Functional Movement Screen that will show you any movement restrictions or asymmetries that    might be limiting you

  2. Learn a couple of exercises you can practice at home, based on what we learn in the Movement Screen

  3. Get detailed information about how FMS works and how it can be used to predict injury risk so you stay safe and pain free in your movements

If you are a current member at Breakthrough you will have already done at least one Movement Screen, and already know exercises designed to improve any movement limitations. However, if you are curious to learn more details about what the patterns in the Screen tell us, and why movement quality is so important, we know you will not want to miss this event!

Bring a friend, and learn how to unlock movement restrictions, enhance performance, and keep your workouts safe and effective!

To learn more about the event, contact us. To learn more about FMS, click here.

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