Weekly News: Kati’s Fit Kit – Community is Key!

Last night at our grand opening we shared a few “secrets to success” when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. One of these is the importance of training in a community of like minded people who will support you and get excited for you as you work toward your goals.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night and celebrated with us as we reached a goal we have had for many years – to open our own gym! We wouldn’t have reached our goal as fast as we did without the support of our gym members, friends and family, and mentors and coaches who have guided us.


The same is true for fitness goals, of course. You need a support system in place to help you get where you want to go. Having a professional coach to design a program and guide you in your training is essential for optimal results. Also, training in a positive environment with other people who you enjoy training with will absolutely keep you motivated to keep going. Here is a study I shared last night:

This study compared three groups riding an exercise bike at a given percentage of their heart rate for time.*

Group one exercised alone. Group two trained with a single partner. Group three worked out with a single partner and were told that the results of their test would be based on the partner with the weaker performance.

Group one made it an average of 10.6 minutes before stopping. Group two went for an average of 19.8 minutes – an 87% difference! Group three made it an average of 21.9 minutes – just over double than going it alone!

Building a community of people who support each other in their training is our top priority here at Breakthrough. Even our clients who train privately feel the difference it makes to be in an environment where other people are working hard and are happy to see each other succeed.

As we continue to grow here, we will always be focused on cultivating a culture that really feels like a fitness family. A family that “celebrates the strength in us all” – as is our motto! We can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together!

Strength and Love – Kati

*Brandon Irwin, et al. Aerobic Exercise Is Promoted when Individual Performance Affects the Group: A Test of the Kohler Motivation Gain Effect The Society of Behavioral Medicine. 2012

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