“You look around and you see the change in everyone, and that’s amazing.” –

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Breakthrough Spotlight – Mae Meissner!


Breakthrough: We are going to chat with Mae today who is our Breakthrough Spotlight for June! So, Mae I have seen you accomplish a ton of amazing stuff in the 8 or 9 months you’ve been here…

Mae: Yeah it’ll be a year in August!

Breakthrough: Whoa! Time flies.

Mae: It does!

Breakthrough: So tell me a bit about what you were doing before you started training here at Breakthrough.

Mae: So right before this I was going to this little gym in Santa Monica by my apartment, I was there for a couple of years and it was just circuit training. No barbell stuff, just TRX, some stuff with dumbbells and kettlebells.

Breakthrough: So why did you feel you needed a change? Did you feel like you were stuck in a rut or…?

Mae: Yeah I just felt like I plateaued. And at that time, I didn’t really try to pay attention to my nutrition. I was only training twice a week and I just felt like I had plateaued.

Breakthrough: Well twice a week is like nothing for you! I mean you’re in here 4 times a week, if not more sometimes! So was there a shift where you felt like ok I just want to do something different?

Mae: Well also too, I felt like the trainers there just didn’t really care. It was just a job to them, they were young and there were different trainers in and out, and it seemed like they were just there to work.

Breakthrough: Right, so they didn’t really have a connection with the clients, and didn’t really know what you guys were doing?

Mae: Yeah! So I didn’t really feel motivated because the trainers were not involved.

Breakthrough: Which also seems weird because you’re so motivated around here! Mae the cheerleader!

Mae: Hah yeah! I try, I try.

Breakthrough: So since joining here at Breakthrough, you have done our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge and successfully dropped two sizes, and then we did another check in after the Memorial Day Meltdown and you’re down another inch and a half at the waistline, which is awesome!

Mae: Yes!

Breakthrough: And weight loss goals aside, you also did our Tactical Strength Challenge! So you conquered deadlifting, flexed arm hangs and kettlebell snatches! And your deadlift was how much?

Mae: 170!

Breakthrough: Which is awesome, because that was your first time doing something like that. And now you’ve signed on to do our 1600 Swing Challenge to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association for the Longest Day Challenge. So it seems like for you maybe motivation, if it was lacking before, you’ve certainly got a ton now!

Mae: Well, I mean you and Caleb are just so passionate about what you do, you guys really do make it fun. Even though I complain while I’m here, but when I walk out of here I’m always feeling good. It’s just fun! And too, I’m going to be 40 this year and I want to see what I can do. I mean, with every program you give me you guys take me to the edge, I mean I’m right there where I’m like oh my god. But my edge keeps moving further and further and further, and its amazing!

Breakthrough: That’s a pretty cool feeling, knowing that you push that comfort zone a little bit, and then that comfort zone grows.

Mae: I know! But every time you guys take me there and I’m like “oh god…” haha.

Breakthrough: Whether you want to or not! Hah! But you’re always up for the challenge and there hasn’t been anything you haven’t been able to conquer yet!

Mae: Yeah, oh yeah! It’s better to try.

Breakthrough: Is there anything in particular that motivates you to keep going?

Mae: Well I want to be healthy. I want to grow old and still be able to move and function normally and do everyday things. My mom has a lot of problems with her bones, and this and that, and she was never active, so I just want to take care of myself for longevity.

Breakthrough: Yeah definitely, that’s good motivation. Is there anything you want to share or say to someone who isn’t yet a member but might be looking to join?

Mae: Yeah, just that what you guys do here just works – whatever formula you guys put together. I was talking to Mark, and I was telling him that I’ve never seen a gym where you see a change in everybody, whether they want to gain muscle or lose weight. You know, you look around and you see the change in everyone, and that’s amazing. You don’t ever see that.

Breakthrough: Well we feel very lucky to have awesome people like you that are willing to put in the work to make the change, because no matter how hard we want it for you guys, you guys have to be willing to do it. That’s inspiring for us too, to see the journeys everyone takes.

Mae: Yeah it’s amazing, and everyone feels good and everyone’s happy. You see them walk in stressed but then they leave feeling good.

Breakthrough: Good! That’s our goal, we want you to leave feeling better than you came in!

Mae: Yeah, oh yeah!

Breakthrough: Anything else you’d like to share? Any words of wisdom?

Mae: I think just when Annie asked my FitFam Friday question, I think just don’t be afraid to come in and start wherever you’re at, and don’t be worried about what other people are doing. I mean there are so many different people that come here, that all have different goals and are at different starting points. So come as you are…

Breakthrough: Because you all have your own programs, so you can just be where you’re at.

Mae: Yeah! You just have to start, and before you know it you’re TSC’ing and doing 1600 swings, things that you never thought you would ever do!

Breakthrough: Well those are great words of wisdom! Just start!

Mae: Just start! You just have to start. Because then whatever feelings or emotions will follow the action.

Breakthrough: Yeah for sure! Thank you so much Mae! We’re excited to see everything else you will accomplish going forward…

Mae: Oh me too!

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